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Posted On April 4, 2016 at 11:11 pm by / No Comments has just been launched! (4 April 2016, 23:11 PM)

Greetings everybody,

The idea was born out of the passion of sending and receiving postcards worldwide.

We believe that finding a surprise-card in the mailbox can radically change a person’s day, making it better, brighter and happier! Thus came the idea, developed together by George Năzăreanu and Mihnea Răducu.

Quality is very important to us – this is why we publish exclusively high quality postcards, printed with Durst Lambda C-Printing technology – “Best knows no alternative“.

It is said a postcard has 3 stories: the picture, the message and its travelling data. We believe there is a 4th story and most important of all: the emotions that carries with it.

If you agree with us, than we gladly invite you to browse our postcards collections and find the perfect surprise for your friends and loved ones.

All the best from Bucharest, Romania,
Postcardsmarket Team 🙂
Cover illustration by OanaLivia

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