Riek van der Mast

Portfolio: Garfield1955.simplesite.com

I am Riek van der Mast,  61 years young.
Since I am a widow, I started my hobbies and I like very much.
Singing, I am with two choirs, I love to sing and dance.
I make my own greetings cards, embroideries and dots.
My biggest hobby is photography as you can see on my website.
In the end of Jan 2016 my friend told me she was a postcrosser.
????? postcrosser????? well she explained that to me and the same evening I tought, well let me see if I like this.
I made a profile on Postcrossing.com and when I received my first card I knew it, THIS is my new hobby 🙂
This is THE way for me to travel around the world and making friends of all cultures and religions.

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