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* Stamps | Gibraltar 2016 Chinese Year of the Monkey - Gibraltar stamps - top quality approved by specialists
* Stamps | Gibraltar 2016 Chinese Year of the Monkey - Gibraltar stamps - top quality approved by specialists

* Stamps | Gibraltar 2016 Chinese Year of the Monkey - Gibraltar stamps

4.40 € 
📮🌍🐒 Introducing the Gibraltar 2016 Chinese Year of the Monkey stamp, available at! 🐵 This stamp is perfect for all postcard and stamp collectors who are passionate about travel and human connection.

The target audience for this product includes anyone who loves to collect stamps or postcards, especially those interested in cultural themes such as Chinese astrology. The mood of this product is fun and playful, with a touch of tradition thanks to its theme.

When communicating about this product, we approach it from a human-to-human perspective. We believe that sending someone a surprise postcard with an interesting stamp can create an emotional connection between two people even if they are miles apart.

Imagine receiving a beautiful postcard from someone you care about featuring the Gibraltar 2016 Chinese Year of the Monkey Stamp! You would feel excited by their thoughtfulness while also admiring how unique and special your gift is compared to other forms of communication like email or text messages.

If you're into travel or collecting stamps/postcards as hobbies then exchanging them with others can be very rewarding too! Imagine traveling around different countries collecting unique stamps on your journey - each one representing memories made along the way!

To use our products effectively we recommend taking time when selecting which ones will best suit your recipient's interests so that they receive something truly special in their mailbox!

This particular item has cultural significance because it celebrates China's zodiac calendar which dates back over thousands years ago. It represents not only history but also tradition passed down through generations making it more than just another piece added onto any collection but rather something meaningful worth cherishing forever!

In conclusion, if you're looking for something fun yet traditional then look no further than where we offer various collections including flags from around world maps explorer happy creatures fauna national symbols flora must have food football stadiums Christmas cats transport events etc.!
You receive 1 (one) set of stamps with 2 values - face value price! (using currency converter from GBP to Euro)
Technical details:
  • 30.01.2016
  • Stephen Perera
  • © bajena and siewhoong at
  • Cartor Security Printers
  • Offset Lithography
  • 4 Colours
  • 31.75 x 31.75mm
  • £2; £2

The Year of the Monkey begins on the 8th February 2016 and finishes on the 27th January 2017. Occupying the 9th position on the Chinese Zodiac, the Monkey possesses such character traits as curiosity, mischievousness, and cleverness. Forever playful, Monkeys are the masters of practical jokes. Even though their intentions are always good, this desire to be a prankster has a tendency to create ill will and hurt feelings. Although they are inherently intellectual and creative, Monkeys at times have trouble exhibiting these qualities. When that happens, they appear to others to be confused. But nothing could be further from the truth as Monkeys thrive on being challenged. Monkeys prefer urban life to rural, and their favorite pastime is people-watching.