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Collector's pack: All World Fashion Historical Collection - set of all 34 available postcards - top quality approved by Postcards Market specialists SALE

Collector's pack: All World Fashion Historical Collection - set of all 34 available postcards

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💌 Collector's pack: All World Fashion Historical Collection - set of all | Postcards Market 🌎

Are you a fashion lover? Do you enjoy collecting postcards from around the world? Then this collector's pack is perfect for you! presents the All World Fashion Historical Collection, a set of 50 postcards featuring iconic fashion moments from different countries and eras. From Marie Antoinette's extravagant dresses to Audrey Hepburn's timeless style, this collection has it all!

👥 Target Audience/Demographic:
This product is perfect for anyone who loves fashion and history. It would make a great gift for friends or family members who are interested in these topics. It is also ideal for postcard collectors who want to add something unique and special to their collection.

🎭 Cultural/Historical Significance:
Fashion has always been an important part of culture and history. This collection showcases some of the most iconic fashion moments from around the world, giving us a glimpse into the past and how people used to dress. Each postcard tells a story about the fashion trends of its time, making it not only visually appealing but also educational.

🎨 Mood/Theme/Category:
The mood of this product is nostalgic and elegant. The theme is fashion history, and the category is collector's item/postcard exchange.

💡 Details about Postcard Exchange Hobby & This Specific Product:
Postcard exchange is a hobby that involves sending and receiving postcards from around the world. It allows people to connect with each other in a unique way, sharing their experiences and cultures through pictures and words. This specific product is perfect for postcard exchange because it features iconic fashion moments from different countries, making it a great conversation starter.

🧳 Imaginary Travel Postcards Exchange Experience:
Imagine receiving one of these postcards from Paris while sipping coffee at your favorite café. You can almost feel the history and elegance of the city through the postcard. You decide to send a postcard from your hometown in return, showcasing its own unique fashion history.

💭 Imaginary Scenario of Using the Product:
You receive the collector's pack and immediately start going through each postcard, admiring the beautiful illustrations and learning about different fashion moments from around the world. You decide to display them on your wall, creating a mini art gallery that tells a story about fashion history.

📝 Best Practices/Tips for Using the Product:
- Display them on your wall as an art gallery
- Use them as conversation starters during postcard exchange
- Learn more about fashion history by researching each postcard's topic

34 postcards are available, and you will receive one of each.:

The attached photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Every country has national or even regional traditional clothes. We gathered the most emblematic features and reunited them in a specially made, manually painted design. The drawings are made by a Romanian artist, who is also a church painter.  

Postcard size 10.5 x 15 cm

Weight 5.5 grams

Matte chromo Hi-Quality paper  - glossy with special printing technique with selective lacquer on colorful parts.


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