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C6 Special Cover "Victory for Ukraine!"

4.00 € 
The C6 Special Cover "Victory for Ukraine!" postcard is a must-have for any postcard collector or enthusiast who loves to connect with people from all over the world. This product is perfect for those who are passionate about human interaction and connection via travel, just like you!

The target audience of this product includes anyone who loves to collect postcards, especially those interested in Ukrainian culture and history. The mood of this product is celebratory and patriotic, as it commemorates Ukraine's victory in a significant event that holds cultural significance.

The theme of the C6 Special Cover "Victory for Ukraine!" postcard celebrates the country's triumphs while also showcasing its unique culture through beautiful illustrations on both sides. The communication approach used by emphasizes bringing joy into people's lives by sending them surprise mail that brightens their day.

Imagine receiving one of these special cover postcards in your mailbox - how would you feel? You'd be excited to see what was inside, eager to read the message written on it, and thrilled at having something tangible from another part of the world!

If you're an avid traveler or collector looking to exchange cards with others around the globe, imagine sending out several copies of this card during your travels. You could even create a themed collection based on different countries' victories throughout history!

When using this product or any other similar ones available at , make sure always write personalized messages when exchanging cards with others - it makes each experience more meaningful! Additionally,don't forget about proper postage rates when mailing internationally; research beforehand so that your card arrives safely without getting lost along its journey.

This particular design has historical significance as well since it commemorates an important moment in Ukrainian history- Victory Day (May 9th). It serves not only as a reminder but also honors those brave soldiers whose sacrifices made such celebrations possible today.

In conclusion,the C6 Special Cover "Victory for Ukraine!" postcard is a unique and meaningful addition to any collection. It celebrates Ukrainian culture, history, and triumphs while also bringing joy into people's lives through the simple act of sending mail. So why not add it to your collection today?

A collector item made in the post office of the City Victoria - Brasov County  (Romania) - in the special date of 24 February 2023, when was commemorating one year from non-sense war started by Russia in Ukrainel

An historical item - bearing the date of 24.02.2023, on a real stamp issued by Romania - Face Value 3 Lei (local internal tarrif for a simple letter up to 50 grams is 2,9 lei)

On the cover is printed ПЕРЕМОГА (Victory for Ukraine) making an intersting coincidence with the name of the City - Victoria (written on the postmark) - Romanian Language -meaning, of course, Victory.

 The cover is privately made - is not available in stores!

Very Limited stock availability.