Q: Is Postal Service affected by Coronavirus Pandemic Situation?

A: Yes, Postal Sercives are now slower, and for some destinations they are still closed. You can find all news and updates here.



Q: Where I can find my order status?

A: In your account - you can see a section order status. Also you can send us an email to shop@postcardsmarket.com and we will be happy to respond you.


Q: How fast I will receieve my order?

A:  We are an online shop not a Shipping Company. We use third party services - as stated also here: https://postcardsmarket.com/policies/terms-of-service and here: https://postcardsmarket.com/pages/tracking

If you don't agree with shipping of third party - please DO NOT place any order on our site.


Q: If I pay via paypal, I can see also in my paypal account the details of the order?

A: Yes, in your paypal account you'll find always also tracking number for registered shipping.


Q: Where will my order ship from?
A: All Products are shipped from Voluntari Post office, and usually we use beautiful stamps for sending them. 


Q: How much do you charge for shipping?
A: Shipping costs are calculated in the Shopping Cart page and they are in correspondence with the tariffs of Romanian Post. Details here.


Q: How long I need to wait to receive my order?

A: We ship via National Post system. That means, usually, Snail mail for remote destination.Every location can be different. And of course those time deliveries can be affected by specific situation (now, Covid pandemic), and on all Postal System can not ne guaranteed a specific time.

Estimate transit times:

  • Europe: 10-15 business days (depends also destination country)
  • North America: 25 - 30 business days (up to 50)
  • Australia  >35 business days (up to 60)
  • New Zealand and Oceania: not open to incoming mails;
  • Asia & Pacific: >4business days (up to 60)
  • Latin America and Caribbean: >50 business days (up to 70)
  • Middle East and Africa: >50 business days  (up to 70)

Details here.


Q: How do I calculate the shipping cost on an order?

A: To find out the total cost of your order, simply add the product(s) you would like to purchase to your Shopping Cart. You can then view your Shopping Cart and choose a state and zip code to which you will be shipping. Next press Estimate, here you will see your shipping options. Choose your shipping option and press Update Total. You will get a total cost of your order, including the cost of the shipping. Also you can consult this table, the cost is different for Romania, inside EU, outside EU:

Shipping to Romania: Standard Shipping Romanian Delivery service -  only for Romania territory - PRIORIPOST type : 4 euro

Rest of the world (EU = European Union):



Q: Where am I able to ship my order to?
A: Orders can be shipped to a valid address everywhere where Postal Services can access. Some countries - like Guatemala, Somalia, Yemen - don't have an operational postal system.


Q: I am living in Germany. Can I order something for a friend in Indonesia (for example) ?

A: Yes, you cand do that. While ordering, you have billing address and shipping address, and they can be different. Also you must know that we will send the shipment number barcode to the email address of person who placed the order in our site.


Q: Can I ship C.O.D. - Cash on Delivery?
A: We DO NOT ship C.O.D.


Q: What insurance do I have that I will receive my order?

A: All the orders are shipped like registered parcels with shipment number.  That means here is applying the insurance covered by UPU - Universal Postal Union.  Also we added a new facility with insurance from Trusted Shops: Your purchase is Independent guarantee - protected up to 2500 € however you choose to pay. All details here.