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Collector's pack: All European Union constituent countries Flags and Maps - Bundle set 56 cards! - top quality approved by specialists Venta

Collector's pack: All European Union constituent countries Flags and Maps - Bundle set 56 cards!

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Introducing the Collector's pack: All European Union constituent countries Flags and M| Postcards Market! This product is perfect for anyone who loves to travel, collect postcards, or simply wants to brighten up someone's day with a surprise in their mailbox.

The target audience for this product is postcard enthusiasts of all ages who are interested in collecting flags from different countries within the European Union. The mood of this collection is vibrant and celebratory as it showcases the unique flags that represent each country.

When communicating about this product, we approach it with excitement and enthusiasm because we believe that every postcard has a story behind it waiting to be shared. We want our customers to feel inspired by these beautiful flag designs while also feeling connected through human interaction.

Imagine receiving one of these stunning flag postcards from a friend or family member who just returned from traveling throughout Europe. You can almost picture yourself standing next to them as they took in all the sights and sounds around them before sending you this special memento.

If you're an avid traveler yourself, imagine exchanging your own set of flag-themed cards with fellow travelers along your journey! It's an excellent way not only to share memories but also learn more about other cultures represented by each country’s unique design.

To use these cards effectively, we recommend writing personalized messages on each card before mailing them out – whether it’s sharing details about your travels or simply wishing someone well during their day-to-day life back home!

In terms of historical significance related specifically towards EU flags - did you know that there are 27 member states currently partaking? Each state has its own distinct history which reflects upon its national symbols such as colors used on their respective national flags!

Overall if you’re looking for something fun & exciting when exploring new places then look no further than our Collector's pack: All European Union constituent countries Flags & M| Postcards Market!

You'll receive for each EU country 1 FOTW postcard + 1 MOTW postcard 27 X 2 = 54 cards + 1 EU Flag (update) & 1 EU MOTW (update)

1  Austria FW + MOTW

2  Belgium FW + MOTW

3  Bulgaria FW + MOTW

4  Croatia FW + MOTW

5  Cyprus FW + MOTW

6  Czechia FW + MOTW

7  Denmark FW + MOTW

8  Estonia FW + MOTW

9  Finland FW + MOTW

10  France FW + MOTW

11  Germany FW + MOTW

12  Greece FW + MOTW

13  Hungary FW + MOTW

14  Ireland FW + MOTW

15  Italy FW + MOTW

16  Latvia FW + MOTW

17  Lithuania FW + MOTW

18  Luxembourg FW + MOTW

19  Malta FW + MOTW

20  Netherlands FW + MOTW

21  Poland FW + MOTW

22  Portugal FW + MOTW

23  Romania FW + MOTW

24  Slovakia  FW + MOTW

25  Slovenia FW + MOTW

26  Spain FW + MOTW

27  Sweden FW + MOTW


Postcards size - 10 x 15 cm

Actual European Union without United Kingdom, after Brexit (31 January 2020)