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Collector's pack: North America | CANADA - All Pack 13 Provinces and Territories + 1 CANADA - MOTW - top quality approved by specialists Venta

Collector's pack: North America | CANADA - All Pack 13 Provinces and Territories + 1 CANADA - MOTW

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🌍📬🎁 Collector's pack: North America | CANADA - All Pack 13 Provinces and T| Postcards Market 🎁📬🌍

Are you a postcard enthusiast and collector? Do you love to travel and explore new places, or dream about it? Then this collector's pack is perfect for you!

Target audience:
Postcard collectors, travel enthusiasts, people interested in North American culture and history.

Cultural/historical significance:
Canada is a country known for its beautiful landscapes, diverse cultures, and rich history. This collector's pack includes postcards from all 13 provinces and territories of Canada, showcasing the unique beauty of each region. From the stunning Rocky Mountains to the charming fishing villages of the Maritimes, these postcards capture the essence of Canada.

The mood of this collector's pack is one of adventure and exploration. Whether you have visited Canada before or dream about it, these postcards will transport you to different corners of this vast country. The theme is North American culture and history, with a focus on Canadian landmarks, landscapes, and symbols. The category is postcard collecting.

Details about postcard exchange hobby:
Postcard exchanging is a fun way to connect with people from all over the world. By sending and receiving postcards, we can learn about different cultures, traditions, and ways of life. It's also an opportunity to practice our writing skills and express ourselves creatively.

Imaginary travel postcards exchange experience:
Imagine receiving a surprise package in your mailbox containing this collector's pack. As you flip through each postcard, you are transported to different parts of Canada - from the rugged coastlines of Newfoundland to the rolling prairies of Saskatchewan. You decide to share some of these beautiful images with your pen pal in Germany who has always been fascinated by Canadian culture. In return, they send you postcards from their recent trip to Berlin, sharing their own travel experiences.

Imaginary scenario of using the product:
You are planning a road trip across Canada and want to capture the essence of each province and territory. You purchase this collector's pack as a way to inspire your journey and document your travels. As you visit each region, you send postcards back home to family and friends, sharing your adventures and discoveries along the way.

Best practices/tips for using the product:
- Use these postcards as inspiration for your own travel bucket list.
- Share them with friends or family who are interested in Canadian culture.
- Add them to your postcard collection or use them as decor in your home.
- Write a personalized message on each card, expressing what you love about Canada and why it's worth visiting.

15x10.5 cm

Glossy chromo Hi-Quality paper - Top Quality Printing conditions

You'll receive 14 cards : All 13 Provinces & Territories + 1 Canada MOTW postcards series available in the shop. 

In this pack you'll not find two identical postcard - they are picked one by one.

Limited Time Only
This item is NOT available in stores - one printing run only!

 You will receive 14 postcards - all in this series! Limited availability!