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AFRICA | Asia | Egypt MOTW - top quality approved by specialists Venta
AFRICA | Asia | Egypt MOTW - top quality approved by specialists Venta


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🌍📬 The AFRICA | Asia | Egypt MOTW| Postcards Market is the perfect product for anyone who loves to travel, explore new cultures and connect with people from all over the world. Whether you are a postcard collector or simply enjoy sending and receiving mail, this product will bring joy to your life.

The target audience for this product is anyone who appreciates human connection through travel. It could be someone who has traveled extensively themselves or someone who dreams of traveling one day. This person values cultural diversity and enjoys learning about different parts of the world.

The mood of these postcards is adventurous, curious and open-minded. They invite you to discover new places, meet new people and learn about different ways of life. The theme focuses on Africa, Asia & Egypt which are some of the most fascinating regions in terms culture & history.

Our communication approach emphasizes personal connections between individuals across borders - we believe that every postcard sent creates a small but meaningful bond between two strangers from opposite sides of the globe.

Imagine receiving a beautiful postcard featuring an iconic landmark like Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe! You can feel yourself transported there as you read about its history on the backside while admiring its beauty at front side . You might even decide to plan your next trip based on what you learned!

If you're interested in starting a collection or exchanging cards with others around 40 years old age group , our website offers many resources such as forums where members can share tips/tricks/ideas related their hobby .

When it comes to using these products best practices include taking time selecting appropriate card designs that reflect recipient's interests (e.g., if they love animals choose wildlife-themed cards), writing personalized messages that show genuine interest/connection towards them ,and always including return address so recipients know how reach out back if they want continue conversation further .

These products have significant cultural/historical significance because they showcase the beauty and diversity of different regions around the world. They also provide a tangible way for people to connect with each other across borders, which is especially important in today's globalized society.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a fun and meaningful way to connect with others while exploring new cultures & places , then AFRICA | Asia | Egypt MOTW| Postcards Market is perfect product for you!

Two of 27 governorates of Egypt lie entirely on the Asian Sinai Peninsula and two are transcontinental: Ismailia Governorate is nearly equally divided by the Suez Canal, and Suez Governorate, which is coterminous with the "transcontinental city" of Suez, has a small portion east of the Canal. (wiki)

Egypt is a country located in North Africa, along the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the east. It is bordered by Libya to the west, Sudan to the south, and the Gaza Strip and Israel to the northeast.

The flag of Egypt features three equal horizontal stripes of red, white, and black. The red stripe represents the country's struggle for independence and the bloodshed that was necessary to achieve it. The white stripe symbolizes peace and purity, while the black stripe represents the dark times in Egypt's history. The golden eagle in the center of the flag symbolizes strength and power, while the golden wreath encircling it represents the unity of the Egyptian people. The flag was officially adopted on October 4, 1984 and reflects the proud history and cultural heritage of Egypt.

Illustration: © Suaithai 2022/ Designed in Switzerland

Second MOTW Version - without line borders, modern looking

About this item

  • Classic Regular Postcard size: 10.5 cm by 15 cm = 4 x 6 inches = the standard for the postcard for most of the countries in the world – is the standard for postcard made by UPU (Universal Postal Union) – and implemented by USPS, La Poste, Royal Mail, PTT, Correos, Post NL. Deutsche Post and many other postal administrations.

  • Material: Made of 100% brand new and high-quality hard paper – 315 grams/ square meter = 5.5 grams per card – thicker than average – special chosen for hard transport conditions through postal services.

  • Glossy UV coating on front for durability and protection

  • Perfect for collecting, postcrossing, scrapbooking, parties invitations or just sending a note to a friend. You can use them also for your private swaps organized with your virtual friends.

  • Easy to use: Special place on the backside for address and also upper boxes for your postcrossing ID or date of mailing to make postcard writing a fun and pleasurable experience.

  • Quality Printed in European Union.

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