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EU - United in Diversity - Hrvatska_15 - top quality approved by specialists
EU - United in Diversity - Hrvatska_15 - top quality approved by specialists

EU - United in Diversity - Hrvatska_15 - Croatia

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The EU - United in Diversity - Hrvatska_15 postcard is the perfect addition to any postcard collection! As a 40-year-old postcards exchange specialist and hobbyist, I can attest that this product is truly special.

This particular card features the beautiful country of Croatia with its unique culture and stunning landscapes. The design showcases the European Union's motto "United in Diversity," which promotes unity among different cultures, languages, and traditions.

The target audience for this product would be anyone who loves travel or collecting souvenirs from their adventures around the world. It's also great for those who appreciate cultural diversity and want to learn more about different countries.

The mood of this card is cheerful, optimistic, and celebratory as it represents unity among nations. The theme revolves around exploring new places while appreciating cultural differences.

When using this product as part of a human-to-human experience like exchanging postcards with friends or family members across borders; it creates an opportunity to connect on a deeper level by sharing experiences through words written on paper rather than just digital communication channels like social media platforms or email messages.

An imaginary scenario could involve sending one of these cards to someone you met during your travels in Croatia; they will feel appreciated knowing that you thought about them even after leaving their country!

As far as best practices go when using these cards: always write something personal inside so that whoever receives it knows how much they mean to you! Also consider adding stickers or other small items related specifically towards Croatian culture if possible- making each card unique!

In terms of historical significance related directly towards Croatian history: This region has been inhabited since prehistoric times but was officially recognized under Roman rule during ancient times before becoming part Yugoslavia until gaining independence back in 1991 after years conflict between ethnic groups within former Yugoslavia republics including Serbia & Montenegro etcetera...

Overall offers a wide range of postcards that cater to different interests and hobbies. The EU - United in Diversity - Hrvatska_15 is just one example of their unique collection, which stands out from other similar products due to its focus on cultural diversity and unity among nations.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a way to connect with people across borders or simply want to add something special to your postcard collection; this product is definitely worth considering!

15x10.5 cm


Glossy chromo Hi-Quality paper - Top Quality Printing conditions 

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