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Market Corner: First Day Cover Special Postmark EUROPA 2024, Romania

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Pvrivately made First Day Cover EUROPA 2024

This year, under the title Europa 2024, PostEurop, a body of the Universal Postal Union, a specialized agency of the United Nations, has chosen a new topical issue: Underwater fauna and flora.

The two postage stamps of the issue (with the face values of Lei 4 and Lei 25) feature unique images of some fishes, the zander and the wels catfish and the pike, captured in their natural habitat by a passionate diver photographer. The charm of the images is also amplified by the presence of plants, visible only under the water mirror. Water thus presents itself as an environment of symbiosis between underwater fauna and flora.

Underwater fauna is the set of living organisms that live in water. These organisms can include fish, aquatic invertebrates (such as crustaceans, molluscs, worms, and echinoderms), marine mammals (such as whales and dolphins), aquatic reptiles (such as turtles and water snakes), and many others.

C6 Envelope Size

Europa 2024 Underwater fauna and flora
Country of issue: Romania
YEAR 2024

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