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World Fashion Historical Collection - Germany2 (bundle x 5 pieces) - top quality approved by Postcards Market specialists Venta
World Fashion Historical Collection - Germany2 (bundle x 5 pieces) - top quality approved by Postcards Market specialists Venta

World Fashion Historical Collection - Germany 2

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The World Fashion Historical Collection - Germany 2 is a must-have for any postcard enthusiast who loves to travel and explore different cultures. This collection features five stunning postcards that showcase the rich fashion history of Germany, from traditional Bavarian costumes to modern-day streetwear.

The target audience for this product is anyone who appreciates fashion, culture, and travel. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or someone who dreams of exploring new places someday, these postcards will transport you to the vibrant streets of Germany.

The mood of this collection is fun and colorful with a touch of nostalgia. Each card captures the essence of German fashion through different eras in time while still maintaining its unique identity.

When it comes to communication approach, believes in human-to-human interaction as we believe that every person deserves an authentic connection with others even if they are far away from each other physically. These cards can be used as conversation starters between friends or family members living apart or simply sent out into the world as random acts kindness spreading joy wherever they go!

Imagine receiving one these beautiful cards in your mailbox on an otherwise ordinary day! You open it up eagerly only to find yourself transported across oceans and continents into another world entirely- one filled with colorfully dressed people dancing around maypoles during Oktoberfest celebrations! The possibilities are endless when it comes down exchanging postcards!

If you're planning on using these cards for exchange purposes then imagine sending them off along with some local treats like chocolates or candies so that your recipient gets not just something pretty but also something deliciously memorable too!

As someone passionate about collecting postcards myself I know how important details matter when choosing which ones add my personal collections; what sets this particular bundle apart from others alike products available online? It's simple: quality design combined historical significance make them stand out among all other options available today making them perfect gifts no matter what occasion arises.

When it comes to best practices or tips for using these postcards, I recommend taking the time to read up on German fashion history and culture so that you can appreciate each card's unique design fully. Additionally, make sure to write a personal message on the back of each card before sending them out into the world- this will add an extra touch of warmth and personality that your recipient is sure to appreciate!

In conclusion, The World Fashion Historical Collection - Germany 2 is a beautiful addition any postcard enthusiast's collection. With its vibrant colors and rich cultural significance, these cards are perfect for anyone who loves travel or simply wants spread joy through random acts kindness!

[Story] Every country have traditional clothes, even depending by regions. We try to collect the most important characteristics and put them in a special made hand colorized design. The paintings are made by a Romanian Designer, and he is also a church walls painter. 

Here is about a German Couple - wearing winter costumes in our artist vision.

[Informative Content] 

* Hand painting with colors and watercolors on paper

* The Flag of the Country

* Country map

* Modern Simple look

* Name of the country

On the backside it is marked the space for the address and even the space for the date of sending or a space with 10 squares for posctrossing ID (from postcrossers to posctrossers)


Hard Paper – 315 grams/ square meter è 5.5 grams per card – thicker than average – special chosen for hard transport conditions through postal services.

Matted plastic protected on the front of the postcard.

Size 10.5 cm by 15 cm = 4 x 6 inches = the standard for the postcard for most of the countries in the world – is the standard for postcard made by UPU (Universal Postal Union) – and implemented by USPS, La Poste, Royal Mail, PTT, Correos, Post NL. Deutsche Post and many other postal administrations.

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