Flags Of The World Series

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Introducing a new Greetings card concept: Flags Of The World.

We are proud to bright forward a new type of greetings card for the Postcrossing and postcards swappers communities worldwide.

The “Flags Of The World” Postcard Series contains 6 wisely chosen elements, that we believe capture the essence of each country: 3 illustrations and 3 text blocks, displayed on the postcard in 2 uneven columns.


Feel free to visit the SHOP for more details about the postcards.

The “Flags Of The World” Postcard Series is a Concept.

The idea of the series belongs to Mihnea Raducu, while the design has been done by George Nazareanu.


All the best until next time,
Postcardsmarket Team :)

If you like this postcard concept please leave a comment with what countries you want us to publish next.

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