Flags Of The World Series

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Introducing a new Greetings card concept: Flags Of The World.

We are proud to bright forward a new type of greetings card for the Postcrossing and postcards swappers communities worldwide.

The “Flags Of The World” Postcard Series contains 6 wisely chosen elements, that we believe capture the essence of each country: 3 illustrations and 3 text blocks, displayed on the postcard in 2 uneven columns.


Feel free to visit the SHOP for more details about the postcards.

The “Flags Of The World” Postcard Series is a Concept.

The idea of the series belongs to Mihnea Raducu, while the design has been done by George Nazareanu.


All the best until next time,
Postcardsmarket Team :)

If you like this postcard concept please leave a comment with what countries you want us to publish next.

111 thoughts on “Flags Of The World Series

    1. I hope all countries in the world will have their corresponding flag postcard in this series… That would be a great collection and very useful to learn about less wellknown countries….

  1. Normal Croatia is realise now. Mihnea Raducu make them for me because I’m on holidays and want to send 50 of them out.
    Also I buy 50 of Belgium send from belgium. I’m also looking for the other countries!

    1. Thanks for the impulse Lara! And this is how the Flags of the World series will get bigger and bigger 🙂 As more and more country requests arrive. Wish you all the best on your holidays.

  2. Been waiting forever to get the (Postalove) “Greetings from” series for Trinidad and Tobago so I would love if your Flags of the World series would do it. Will gladly help provide any info you need.

  3. Really cool idea and love the cards! The only thing: please learn the difference between Holland and the Netherlands (see website), as they are not the same and Holland is not translated into the Netherlands (Groeten uit Nederland/Greetings from the Netherlands). So, that said I just want to say I love the cards and probably I’m going to collect them 🙂 Good luck!

  4. Beautiful Beautiful cards…I am placing an order in a few days I want to check to see if anyone else wants to go in with me. Would love to see flags of Puerto Rico and Andorra with the town Ordino if possible..I am so glad I found this site! Love it!!

  5. I am from Dominican Republic. Not very common but I’ll love to see a card of my country. If you in the future are interested in making one please let me know. I can help you with some information if you need 🙂

  6. I would love to see the chilean flag in here! Let me know if I can help with the design or the information, I’ll bought a whole bunch for sure!!! Love this collection

  7. Greetings from Finland in native language is “Terveisiä Suomesta”, not Terveisiä Suomi. Can you correct that? I’d love to buy these for swaps but I’d like it to be correct. 🙂

    Is it possible to get Åland Islands?

  8. Hi George, I really hope Postcards Market will issue Malaysia Flag soon ! I’m getting addicted in collecting this Flag series, but in return I can’t offer my swap friends with Malaysia flag by Postcards Market.. Please…I hope Malaysia flag is next 😀

  9. Hello! My name is Halim, Tajikistan,I would like to order flag card Greetings from Tajikistan,and ready to buy about 100 cards.

  10. Hi, I love this series so much and I want to send the American one all over the world through Postcrossing!! But I really don’t like that the “famous” section lists Neil Armstrong as the first person on the moon.
    In America, there are MANY Americans that do not believe the moon landings were real, so to pick this as America’s “famous for” on the postcard is almost a slap in the face.
    We have so many more wonderful, undisputed people to mention: The Wright Brothers (first airplane flight), Pocahontas (Native Indian woman who helped unite Indians and European settlers), Benjamin Franklin (would be a great choice, he contributed so much to our country.)

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are many Americans hhat will like the one you have, but I don’t and there many better choices so maybe you can make a second one. Thanks. I’ll be waiting to buy a new version!!

    1. Hello from Burundi American woman, i believe that the 1st person on the moon is very famous, i know that here in Burundi there are stamps of Neil Armstrong and i love those stamp

  11. Please postcards from African countries (Namibia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Botswana, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, Senegal, Nigeria)

  12. Well, maybe the single states if the US and Germany would be great, but I think you won’t to this – 50 US-states and 16 GER-States…

  13. Hi, Please consider making one for Kuwait. It will really help in generating interest in postcrossing in this small country which just has 3 postcrossers.

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