January 8th

January 8th

You will find information about countries day by day. When every country celebrates, information collected for all collectors.



Commonwealth Day - Northern Mariana Islands - January 8.




Babinden (Belarus, Russia)

  • Christian feast day:
  • Abo of Tiflis
  • Apollinaris Claudius
  • Blessed Eurosia Fabris
  • Gauchito Gil (Folk Catholicism)
  • Gudula
  • Harriet Bedell (Episcopal Church (USA))
  • Lawrence Giustiniani
  • Lucian of Beauvais
  • Maximus of Pavia
  • Our Lady of Prompt Succor (Roman Catholic Church)
  • Pega (Anglican and Roman Catholic churches)
  • Severinus of Noricum
  • Thorfinn of Hamar

January 8 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

Earliest day on which Children's Day can fall, while January 14 is the latest; celebrated on the second Saturday in January. (Thailand)

Earliest day on which Lee–Jackson Day can fall, while January 14 is the latest; celebrated on Friday before Martin Luther King Jr. Day. (Virginia)

Typing Day (International observance)






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