Shop Reviews

Shop Reviews

May you bring much joy to people all around the world with our cards! And Enjoy the fun of writing cards!

Here you are invited to leave a review for other customers, regarding impressions, postcards quality, shipment and so on.... :) 

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Old reviews

Date of review change Comment
2021-05-25T22:21:58+0200 very good.
2021-05-24T08:32:38+0200 Excellent delivery and great service
2021-05-18T16:55:43+0200 Very good service, Quick delivery, nice gifts. Great customer service, 100 % recommended.
2021-05-11T08:21:20+0200 Consegna puntuale e accurata.
Belle le cartoline!
2021-05-09T20:10:20+0200 thr mail is not your fault -between Covid and the post offices it is lousy
2021-05-08T18:45:00+0200 thanks a lot. All items Ok. I have received them without any problem.
2021-05-08T17:52:16+0200 Alles super, gerne wieder :)
2021-05-04T10:51:29+0200 Wonderful postcards, well wrapped. Very fast delivery.
I will order again. This is a great shop!
2021-05-02T16:28:01+0200 Thanks
2021-05-01T08:26:44+0200 wonderfully designed cards, arrived in no time. Many thanks
2021-04-30T23:44:30+0200 Fast shipment, excellent quality, plus a few bonus items thrown in. Full marks!
2021-04-30T17:27:09+0200 beautiful postcards, good packing, and fast delivery, recommended
2021-04-28T11:49:44+0200 Shipping was too expensive. 5/5 would purchase again when I am not poor and living paycheck to paycheck.
2021-04-26T01:16:40+0200 Takes a long time to receive -but that is due to Covid - no0tPostcard market
2021-04-17T16:41:50+0200 In need of postcards?
You've come to the right place!  I'm so glad I did!!
From the easy ordering, to the quick delivery, the careful packaging, the sturdy quality of each postcard received...impressive! 
What stayed with me was the EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER CARE.  I was made to feel appreciated by postcardsmarket! 
The hardest part?  Choosing!  Quite the selection.  Wow!
I'll be back:)
2021-04-10T14:12:38+0200 long processing time from order till shipping of the goods. long delivery time perhaps because of the corona problems these times.
2021-04-08T20:14:56+0200 Perfect transaction. Accurate shipping. Fast times. Very interesting stamps and cancellations. Excellent as usual.
2021-04-08T15:47:17+0200 Immer wieder gerne. Super schnelle Lieferung und top Ware.
2021-04-07T20:31:04+0200 Perfect service, thank you very much!
2021-04-01T20:21:12+0200 It is always a pleasure to order from this eshop  great service!
2021-03-26T17:53:43+0100 Immer wieder gerne :)
2021-03-14T21:09:50+0100 Top usual
2021-03-12T12:39:23+0100 Everythin at the top
2021-03-05T14:32:33+0100 Questa volta ordine andato bene. Consegna in tempi ragionevoli !
2021-03-05T13:09:51+0100 Everything excellent as always.
2021-03-01T23:23:10+0100 I like the site
2021-02-25T15:54:29+0100 Immer gerne :)
2021-02-22T17:21:02+0100 I love your postcards and your delivery service ie great. Would like to see more rock stars though.
2021-02-19T13:46:37+0100 I am a collector and I always order from this shop! They are so nice and the packages never gets lost and arrives so quickly! The quality is always good and I can’t wait to order more!
2021-02-04T12:53:43+0100 Wonderful cards - fast service
2021-02-04T12:52:56+0100 Great shop - Quality cards
2021-02-02T06:59:48+0100 Excellent service and postcard quality.
2021-01-31T15:06:12+0100 Perfect as usual.
2021-01-09T22:31:06+0100 They are really good about getting your order shipped quickly.
2021-01-01T18:28:02+0100 Very good choice in (good quality) cards and a nice price. 
2021-01-01T09:47:13+0100 Perfekt.
2020-12-30T00:23:13+0100 Great quality cards, good delivery service and well received.
2020-12-29T17:58:59+0100 Super shop! Will buy more next year!!
2020-12-28T17:34:24+0100 This shop is always a good choice for postcards! Will order again!
2020-12-27T21:23:57+0100 it is always pleasure to buy postcards from this wonderful shop :)
2020-12-25T17:55:42+0100 Beautiful Postcards, fast delivery - thank you very much!
2020-12-21T17:35:31+0100 Le cartoline sono belle, ben confezionate.
Purtroppo, hanno impiegato quasi una quarantina di g.g. ad arrivarmi...  :-/
The postcards are beautiful, well packaged.
Unfortunately, it took almost forty days to get here...  :-/
2020-12-15T08:29:04+0100 Packaging was quite impressive. Safe Travel . Cards are definitely as always of the best quality and best design ! There is no any dissatisfaction, nowhere in particular.
2020-12-13T20:36:43+0100 Got nice postcards in a very timely fashion
2020-12-07T09:45:45+0100 Superb
2020-12-06T13:01:56+0100 As always the best service
2020-11-30T17:34:41+0100 All very good, fast arrival of the postcards, nice quality as always.
2020-11-29T17:43:47+0100 Everything is great except the delivery is slow.
2020-11-29T15:41:26+0100 Fantastic value for good quality postcards, fast delivery to UK with safe secure packaging, easy to navigate website with easy ordering process.
2020-11-29T15:21:06+0100 Excellent shop
2020-11-29T12:38:17+0100 High quality postcards, top customer service, highly recommended !
2020-11-29T11:57:26+0100 Great site. I often order here and fast and good service. The cards are good quality and if we have any questions we always can contact them. I really recommand this site!
2020-11-28T18:59:12+0100 I placed a lot of orders in the last few years at  My experiences were always  great. I love the cards, stamps and books I ordered. I am looking forward to my next order.
2020-11-28T08:57:37+0100 All is perfect. The cards have a great quality.
2020-11-27T22:03:14+0100 offers colorful, well made cards that are loved by collectors around the world.
Packaging is sturdy, orders arrive in great condition, and there's always a little surprise "gift" card included.
Customer service is top notch, and Minhea is quick to respond to any questions you might have.
Customer for life, give them a try, you won't be disappointed!!
2020-11-27T21:51:51+0100 One of the best postcards shops in the world. The quality of postcards is excellent. The orders are delivered on time with careful packaging.
2020-11-27T19:09:32+0100 ich  war mit allem sehr zufrieden
2020-11-27T19:00:04+0100 the quality of the postcards is excellent. recommend it to everyone!!!!
2020-11-27T16:50:07+0100 my favourite online postcard shop with excellent service !
2020-11-27T16:45:28+0100 Very pleasant experience! Lightening fast delivery upon payment! Will buy again for sure.
2020-11-27T16:42:48+0100 Great shopping experience! Fast delivery and easy payment. Great shop!
2020-11-27T16:32:29+0100 I enjoy shopping at Postcardsmarket. Great service! Highly recommended!
2020-11-27T14:11:16+0100 Excellent quality of cards and speed of shipment
2020-11-26T16:48:14+0100 everything perfect
2020-11-25T18:40:25+0100 Good shop
2020-11-25T00:55:12+0100 As always fast delivery, great quality and very friendly service
2020-11-23T01:57:37+0100 Thank you very much for your wonderful package
2020-11-20T10:51:04+0100 Perfect cards for Postcrossing!
2020-11-19T00:50:44+0100 They are quick and efficient.
2020-11-17T12:27:37+0100 Brilliant service, superbly packed with beautiful stamps
2020-11-11T11:01:53+0100 Perfect package en fast too
The cards are of perfect quality and it is a joy to send them around.
Postcardsmarket always put a lot of effort in the order.
2020-11-10T00:05:18+0100 The best shop
2020-11-08T21:49:04+0100 I like to order at postcardsmarket
2020-11-08T02:21:10+0100 Espetáculo!
2020-11-07T20:35:04+0100 Thank you
2020-11-04T19:43:48+0100 Postcards and the service like always excellent
2020-10-02T23:49:27+0200 Alles Bestens!
2020-09-24T15:57:17+0200 Just received my first order from this shop and I am very happy! Postcards are beautiful. Thank you!
2020-09-24T01:18:42+0200 The cards are of good quality and I'll definitely buy from you again.
2020-09-08T09:25:10+0200 Always very good quality cards! Fast delivery and super nice wrapped with beautiful stamps as well.
I can recommend this webshop!
2020-09-04T11:11:52+0200 Good postcards and good service
2020-09-01T23:22:59+0200 Excellent service and high quality postcards. Highly recommended.
2020-09-01T10:10:28+0200 Good quality cards. Package came fast.
2020-09-01T08:24:45+0200 I love buying postcards in this shop. Whenever I bought something everything was fine. I can only recommend. I love the shop, the cards and the beautiful stamps they are using when shipping the order.
2020-08-31T22:08:26+0200 Superb!
2020-08-31T22:04:58+0200 Thank you very much. I am really pleased with the quality of the postcards. Last time I got an extra gift card together my order as well, thank you very much. And Mihnea, you are always so friendly and helpful!
2020-08-31T18:27:42+0200 Great Shop with wonderful postcards. Fast delivery! Recommend!
2020-08-31T18:15:02+0200 Nothing is too much trouble. Always answers any questions or problems quickly with solutions. Postcards are of high quality and dispatch is quick. All orders are sent tracked. I would definitely recommend
2020-08-31T17:34:28+0200 Postcardsmarket has super quality postcards. Packed very carefully (with great stamps). Answers very fast on questions.
2020-08-30T11:58:08+0200 Delivery was faster than I thought. I love your FOTW series. BTW, I have some suggestions for you. The Chinese words on the MOTW Hong Kong card are simplified Chinese, but Hong Kong is using traditional Chinese like Macau. It will be great if you can correct it.
2020-08-25T02:08:08+0200 Exzellente Postkarten,  super Motive.  Schneller und sicherer Versand.
2020-08-18T19:38:15+0200 Super service
2020-08-18T08:27:57+0200 i will make new order when the pandemic subside...
2020-08-17T17:05:34+0200 Excellent product  and very good service.
Slow postal service between Romania and Malta.
2020-08-17T04:08:36+0200 I love my new postcards!
2020-08-16T11:15:26+0200 Nice shop for postcards I can recommend
2020-08-15T23:37:49+0200 It is very good!
2020-08-15T17:30:09+0200 I'm very happy with the postcards I bought, excellent products
2020-08-15T15:29:42+0200 Good postcards...
2020-08-15T15:16:25+0200 Great quality postcards at a good price.  Great choice of cards, too.
2020-08-14T23:29:50+0200 Excelent products, with safe deliveries (very good for philately products) and when I needed to contact customer services, everything was solved very fast. I keep buying from them!
2020-08-14T23:22:02+0200 Great !
2020-08-14T22:13:25+0200 I have never had a problem ever
Excellent shop, service, contact ...
2020-08-14T09:34:01+0200 That is the reason why I put 3 stars for "Customer service". During the Covid pandemic, I bought postcards from you a couple of times even though I didn’t really need them wanting to support you. Not once were all the postcards I was interested in. Each time some card missing in offer list.
2020-08-14T06:38:13+0200 Excellent service
2020-08-14T04:59:59+0200 Beautiful designs, love these postcards.
2020-08-14T04:09:30+0200 Thanks a lot for the free gift ! keep it up !
2020-08-13T23:25:47+0200 Tre bien
2020-08-13T22:40:23+0200 good and quick service
2020-08-13T22:30:37+0200 fast service and product is as advertised
2020-08-13T20:20:46+0200 Very pleased with everything from
2020-08-13T19:17:59+0200 i am just very satisfied
2020-08-13T19:09:18+0200 Everything was perfect.
2020-08-13T17:59:44+0200 The postcards are good quality , I loved them all. The only thing I didn't like was the slow delivery. Otherwise everything was great!!
2020-08-13T15:46:19+0200 Wonderful cards with great quality of the paper and print!!!
2020-08-13T15:27:51+0200 Wonderful strong good quality postcards.
Lovely stamps on the package.
2020-08-13T15:27:10+0200 Always excellent service
2020-08-13T15:16:33+0200 I am from the United States and I just love love I am.a repeat buyer.  Every postcard that I have received is beautiful. Yes the delivery to the United States takes a little longer to arrive but it is well worth it. I Had a problem with my order with a discount code and customer service handled my problem immediately. Thank you so much for being a wonderful business. Tammy
2020-08-13T14:58:54+0200 Friendly and quick - in Finnish 'tosi hyvä' meaning marvelous indeed
2020-08-13T14:37:28+0200 I loved how they used lot's of stamps on the package :D very satisfied with my order :)
2020-08-13T14:30:12+0200 Postcards are beautiful, thank you for all team of Postcardsmarket.
2020-08-13T14:24:18+0200 Não encontrei no Brazil um serviço tão bom quanto esse, excelentes postais! Veio bem embalado e demorou o tempo necessário para um despacho internacional.
2020-08-13T14:19:05+0200 One of the best postcards shop, quality is perfect, communication-perfect, service-perfect :)
2020-08-13T14:17:23+0200 Great n honest people to work with. Goods very well packed n no missing/mistakes in the delivered orders. Careful packing done attentively n I feel 101% effort put in by the team to ensure happy n satisfied customers when they received their orders. Keep it up!! Cheers!!!!
2020-08-13T13:46:02+0200 My ordered postcards always arrive to Australia damage free and in good condition to my door.
The quality of the postcards, thickness and finish is the best I have used!
2020-08-13T13:35:08+0200 Interesting and good quality products.
2020-08-13T13:35:03+0200 Top
2020-08-13T13:27:38+0200 Great shop. Great promotion. I hope there’s a lot interesting promotion when corona’s done
2020-08-13T13:27:12+0200 good serveice!
2020-08-13T13:21:34+0200 Excellent service and cards quality. Delivery was fast too. I am very pleased with my purchase.
2020-08-13T13:16:59+0200 it is too long ago that I ordered, I cannot even remember what I ordered.
2020-08-13T13:12:12+0200 Great service, and speedy delivery. A great range of products for postcard aficionados.
2020-08-13T13:03:18+0200 Excellent Shop! Recommended! ;)
2020-08-13T12:55:49+0200 Always a good experience ordered a few times already. Love their products and always very fast at my places. will definitly order more in the future.
2020-08-13T12:55:35+0200 Good product, good price. My purchases arrives safely
2020-08-13T12:54:36+0200 Bin sehr zufrieden, tolle Postkarten.
2020-08-13T12:53:08+0200 Always great service from   and I am always happy to recommend them.
2020-08-13T12:20:26+0200 great service!
2020-08-13T12:19:27+0200 Awesome:-) +++++
2020-08-13T12:16:19+0200 One on the best shops for postcrossing!
2020-08-13T12:11:18+0200 Perfect!
2020-08-13T12:01:17+0200 Best shop for buying good postcards for good price
2020-08-13T12:00:13+0200 Very good
2020-08-13T11:59:56+0200 Super service and super goods
2020-08-13T11:55:17+0200 all perfect
2020-08-13T11:55:10+0200 My favorite postcards shop. Great quality postcards and outstanding service. Always fast shipping and very good communication.
2020-08-13T11:54:12+0200 The postcards was really nice.
2020-08-13T11:52:50+0200 Perfect shop I often buy from. Highly recommended!
2020-08-13T11:52:44+0200 Top for postcrossing activities.
2020-08-13T11:51:32+0200 So far so good
2020-08-13T11:50:16+0200 Always a good choice!
2020-08-13T11:42:39+0200 good

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  • Nan - June 24, 2024

    The cards arrived today (ordered in late April). They are just perfect. Didn’t get any update from the tracking when the package was out for delivery or arriving in Canada, but it just showed up in my mailbox (well-packed). Will definitely buy again in the future or before I visit other countries.

  • Harry Schweigart - April 25, 2023

    Great Shop! Great Service! Super

  • Harry Schweigart - April 25, 2023

    Great Shop! Great Service! Super

  • Sabina - April 25, 2023

    Best postcard shop you can find! Beautiful postcards (nice designs, wide choice, good quality) and perfect service!

  • Rafa - October 20, 2022

    All fast & nice. Good quality cards. Sure I´ll shop again!

  • Monique - October 20, 2022

    Wow, what a lovely package arrived today ! Beautiful stamps on it, great quality postcards and nice extra’s !!
    Thank you very much !

  • Annelies - August 26, 2022

    Great shop! Nice high quality cards and they arrive in perfect condition! The owner of the webshop is very helpful!

  • Lao-Collectibles - June 02, 2022

    Laos MOTW recieved to day all is OK

  • Lao-Collectibles - June 02, 2022

    ASEAN, all ok recieved to day

  • Lao-Collectibles - June 02, 2022

    FOTW N° 103, recieved to day, all is ok thank you, i paid custom tax.

  • Sandra Rodrigues - June 02, 2022

    Postcardsmarket has always been my favourite postcard online shop. Mihnea is always ready to help me solve my problems, the postcards quality is just perfect, they arrive in perfect conditions, there are always lots of beautiful stamps on the package and, last but not least, I always receive some free surprise cards that I love and which were already in my wishlist for a future order. What can one wish better than this? Highly recommended!

  • Simone Domenico Casadei Bernardi - June 02, 2022

    It’s always a pleasure shopping on PostcardsMarket — excellent customer service and fast shipment. And Mihnea is a great shop owner, someone you’d like to deal with!

  • Stasa - June 02, 2022

    great shop great postcards and great service!

  • Marina - June 02, 2022

    Beautiful postcards, most loved collections, high quality paper, fair prices. And for stamps collectors, the packs are a plus, always with beautiful stamps carefully used (in good conditions and easy to remove, not over each other). I strongly recommend this shop, my favorite one.

  • Hella - June 02, 2022

    I ordered a few times now and my shopping experience has been wonderful. The cards are excellent quality, packing is great. Customer service is second to none. Oftentimes small gifts are added that are a delightful surprise! Thank you for your great service!!

  • Marie McDonnell - June 02, 2022

    As always, perfect cards and service .. very helpful with requests .. will keep coming back!!

  • Tamara - August 03, 2021

    Such a great shop. I can’t understand how it could be that shop exists so long but the owner keeps it so heartful! Thank you!

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