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* Stamps | Gibraltar 2016 UNESCO Gorham's Cave Complex one stamp of 2 Pounds- Gibraltar stamps - top quality approved by specialists

* Stamps | Gibraltar 2016 UNESCO Gorham's Cave Complex one stamp of 2 Pounds- Gibraltar stamps

2.30 € 
📮 *Stamps | Gibraltar 2016 UNESCO Gorham's Cave Complex one stamp of 2 | Postcards Market* 🌍

Are you a postcard enthusiast who loves to connect with people from all over the world? Do you enjoy collecting stamps and learning about different cultures? Then this product is perfect for you!

This beautiful stamp features the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gorham’s Cave Complex in Gibraltar. The cave complex has significant cultural and historical importance as it provides evidence of Neanderthal occupation during prehistoric times.

The target audience or demographic for this product would be anyone interested in history, culture, travel or simply enjoys exchanging postcards with others around the globe. This particular theme could also appeal to collectors looking to add unique stamps to their collection.

Imagine receiving a surprise envelope filled with colorful postcards featuring landmarks from various countries! You eagerly flip through each card admiring its beauty while reading heartfelt messages written by strangers turned friends across borders. As your eyes land on this stunning stamp depicting an ancient site that holds so much significance -you can't help but feel grateful for being part of such an amazing hobby- connecting humans worldwide via snail mail!

When participating in a postcard exchange hobby like ours at we recommend following some best practices:

1️⃣ Always use clear handwriting when writing addresses
2️⃣ Use protective sleeves if sending rare/valuable cards
3️⃣ Include interesting facts about yourself/country on your message side.
4️⃣ Be respectful towards other cultures & customs (avoid controversial topics)
5️⃣ Have fun exploring new places without leaving home!

In conclusion, our passion lies within bringing sunshine into every mailbox; making someone smile even just once per day makes us happy too! We hope that purchasing products like these will inspire more individuals out there who share similar interests – let's keep spreading joy and positivity through postcards!
You receive 1 (one) stamp of  £2!
Technical details:
  • 20.09.2016
  • Stephen Perera
  • Stewart Finlayson
  • BDT International Security Printing Limited (IRL)
  • Offset Lithography
  • 4
  • 31.1 x 31.1 mm
  •  £2

Gibraltar’s Gorham’s Cave has been granted UNESCO World Heritage status. To mark such an achievement there were issued a set of 5 commemorative stamps which has been developed in very close cooperation with the The Gibraltar Museum.