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National Fish of Japan (bundle of 5 cards) - top quality approved by specialists
National Fish of Japan (bundle of 5 cards) - top quality approved by specialists

HB12 National Fish of Japan (bundle of 5 cards)

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The National Fish of Japan (bundle of 5 cards) is a must-have for any postcard collector or enthusiast who loves to explore different cultures and traditions. This product is perfect for those who are passionate about travel, human interaction, and connection through the exchange of postcards.

The target audience for this product includes people from all walks of life who appreciate the beauty and diversity that our world has to offer. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or someone looking to start your journey into exploring new places, these postcards will inspire you with their stunning illustrations.

The mood and theme behind this product are centered around celebrating Japan's rich cultural heritage by showcasing its national fish in all its glory. The communication approach used by is one that emphasizes the joy that comes with receiving surprise mail in your mailbox - something we could all use more often!

Imagine receiving one of these beautiful National Fish postcards in your mailbox - it would be like taking a mini-vacation without ever leaving home! You can almost feel yourself transported to Japan as you admire the intricate details on each card.

If you're an avid traveler yourself, imagine exchanging these cards with fellow travelers from around the world! You could share stories about your experiences visiting different countries while admiring each other's collections.

When using this product, it's important to remember some best practices such as writing legibly so others can read what you've written on them; including interesting facts or personal anecdotes related to either Japan or fish; making sure they arrive at their destination safely by using proper postage stamps; keeping them organized so they don't get lost among other items cluttering up space at home!

There are many cultural significances associated with both fish symbolism within Japanese culture itself but also how it relates back outwards towards wider society too – whether through art forms like painting & sculpture depicting aquatic creatures prominently throughout history across Asia-Pacific regions where fishing was once central livelihoods before industrialization took over.

In conclusion, the National Fish of Japan (bundle of 5 cards) is a unique and beautiful product that will inspire you to explore new cultures and connect with people from all over the world. Whether you're an experienced postcard collector or just starting out, this product is sure to bring joy and happiness into your life!

You will receive 5 identical postcard to share with your friends, maybe to send them via postcrossing or private swaps.

15x10.5 cm