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National flower of Russia (bundle of 5 cards) - top quality approved by specialists
National flower of Russia (bundle of 5 cards) - top quality approved by specialists

National flower of Russia (bundle of 5 cards)

2.85 € 
The National flower of Russia (bundle of 5 cards) is a perfect product for postcard enthusiasts who love to collect and exchange unique and beautiful postcards. This bundle features five different designs, each showcasing the national flower of Russia - the chamomile.

The target audience for this product would be people who are interested in collecting postcards with floral themes or those who have an interest in Russian culture. The mood that this product evokes is one of beauty, elegance, and simplicity. The theme revolves around nature's beauty as it showcases the national flower.

Our communication approach towards our customers will be friendly yet professional as we want to create a human-to-human connection with them while providing excellent customer service.

Imagine receiving these beautiful chamomile-themed postcards from your pen pal or friend living in Russia! You can feel their warmth through their words written on these stunning cards that showcase their country's pride - its national symbol!

If you're planning on traveling to Russia soon, why not bring some National Flower Postcards along? You can use them as souvenirs or even exchange them with locals during your trip! It’s always fun exchanging travel stories via snail mail!

When using this product, make sure you take care when handling it so that they remain pristine condition until they reach their destination. Best practices include keeping them away from moisture and direct sunlight which could damage the cardstock material over time.

The significance behind Chamomiles being chosen as Russias' National Flower dates back centuries ago when Tsar Peter I was impressed by how well German farmers grew Chamomiles; he then ordered his own farmers to grow fields full too! Since then Russians have been fondly associated with Chamomiles due to its medicinal properties & calming effects

In conclusion: If you’re looking for something unique & special within your collection- look no further than’s “National Flower Of Russia” Bundle featuring 5 different designs of Chamomile themed postcards. These cards are perfect for collectors, travelers, or anyone who loves to send and receive beautiful postcards!

You will receive 5 identical postcard to share with your friends, maybe to send them via postcrossing or private swaps.

15x10.5 cm