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Africa | Somalia - FW - top quality Post Cards approved by specialists


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Introducing the Africa | Somalia - FW| Postcards Market, a product that will take you on a journey to one of the most fascinating and mysterious countries in Africa. Sold by, this postcard collection is perfect for anyone who loves to travel and explore new cultures.

The target audience for this product is people who are passionate about discovering new places and learning about different cultures. It's also ideal for those who collect postcards as a hobby or want to start exchanging them with friends from all over the world.

The mood of these postcards is adventurous, exotic, and full of mystery. The theme revolves around showcasing Somalia's unique culture through its landmarks, landscapes, people & wildlife. The communication approach used by aims at bringing sunshine into every mailbox while promoting human interaction & connection via travel.

Imagine receiving an unexpected surprise in your mailbox – it’s not just any ordinary mail but an exquisite piece of art that takes you on an adventure across borders! You can feel the excitement building up as you hold onto your precious treasure – flipping it over carefully so as not to damage its beauty- reading heartfelt messages from someone miles away!

If you're planning on traveling soon or have already been there before; why not share your experience with others? Imagine sending out these beautiful cards filled with memories captured during your travels! Your loved ones would be thrilled to receive such thoughtful gifts straight from another part of our planet!

When collecting or exchanging postcards like these ones; always remember best practices such as keeping them clean & dry (avoiding moisture), storing them properly (away from direct sunlight) & handling them gently when writing messages behind each card.

Somalia has had quite some historical significance throughout history due mainly because it was once known worldwide for being home base pirates operating off their coastlines which made international headlines back then.

In conclusion: If you're looking for a unique and exotic postcard collection that will take you on an adventure to one of Africa's most fascinating countries, then the Africa | Somalia - FW| Postcards Market is perfect for you! With its beautiful designs and high-quality prints, these postcards are sure to bring joy and excitement into your life. So why wait? Start collecting or exchanging them today!

Introducing the "Flag of Somalia" postcard - a must-have for postcard collectors and enthusiasts of geography and national flags. Measuring 4 by 6 inches (10.5 x 15 centimeters), this classic size postcard is accepted by all national postal carriers without extra charges. Made from durable cardboard with a weight of 315 grams per square meter, this matte coated postcard is protected by a plastic foil on the design side to protect the colors and withstand postal transit conditions.

Somalia is a country located in the Horn of Africa, bordered by Ethiopia to the west, Djibouti to the northwest, the Gulf of Aden to the north, the Indian Ocean to the east, and Kenya to the southwest. The capital city is Mogadishu.

The flag of Somalia features a light blue field with a white star in the center. The five points of the star represent the five regions in the Horn of Africa that are traditionally inhabited by Somali people: the former British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland, as well as the Ogaden, the Hawd, and the Reserves Area. The blue color represents the sky and the Indian Ocean, which surrounds the country. The white star represents unity among the Somali people, as well as the shining hope of the nation. The flag was officially adopted on October 12, 1954.

This postcard offers an educational perspective on the country, including information as unique facts, famous facts and history points of the country.

Here are 5 benefits: 

  1. High-quality design and materials for a durable postcard that will stand the test of time.
  2. Matte coated finish and plastic foil to protect the colors and protect the postcard during transit.
  3. Public information about Somalia, its geographical position and its neighbours.
  4. Perfect for postcard collectors, people who send postcards via postcrossing platform, people who like to write and receive postcards in their mailbox, collectors of Maps and Flags postcards.
  5. Classic size postcard 4 by 6 inches, accepted by all national postal carriers without extra charges.

Get your hands on the "Flag of Somalia" postcard and add a unique and educational piece to your postcard collection today!

Aout this item

  • Classic Regular Postcard size: 10.5 cm by 15 cm = 4 x 6 inches = the standard for the postcard for most of the countries in the world – is the standard for postcard made by UPU (Universal Postal Union) – and implemented by USPS, La Poste, Royal Mail, PTT, Correos, Post NL. Deutsche Post and many other postal administrations.

  • Material: Made of 100% brand new and high-quality hard paper – 315 grams/ square meter = 5.5 grams per card – thicker than average – special chosen for hard transport conditions through postal services; Plastic film coat matte.

  • Perfect for collecting, postcrossing, scrapbooking, parties invitations or just sending a note to a friend. You can use them also for your private swaps organized with your virtual friends.

  • Easy to use

  • Quality Printed in European Union.

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