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* Stamps | Romania 2005 Hunting Dogs Souvenir sheet - Romania MNH Stamps - top quality approved by specialists SALE

* Stamps | Romania 2005 Hunting Dogs Souvenir sheet - Romania MNH Stamps

2.99 € 4.00 €
🐶💌 The Romania 2005 Hunting Dogs Souvenir sheet is a must-have for any stamp collector or postcard enthusiast who loves dogs and hunting! 🌞

This product is perfect for anyone who enjoys sending and receiving postcards, especially those with unique stamps. Stamp collectors will appreciate the high-quality MNH (Mint Never Hinged) condition of this souvenir sheet, which features four beautiful illustrations of hunting dogs in action.

The mood of this product is adventurous and outdoorsy, with a focus on the natural beauty of Romania's countryside. The theme celebrates the country's rich history and traditions surrounding hunting, as well as its love for man's best friend.

Our communication approach at emphasizes human connection through travel. We believe that sending postcards to friends and family around the world can help foster meaningful relationships across borders.

Imagine receiving a surprise package in your mailbox from a friend or family member who has just returned from an exciting trip to Romania! Inside you find not only stunning photos but also this gorgeous souvenir sheet featuring some amazing dog breeds native to that region!

If you're an avid traveler yourself, imagine collecting these stamps during your own adventures abroad - each one representing another unforgettable experience shared with loved ones back home!

When using our products like these special edition stamps it’s important to remember some tips: always use clear handwriting when addressing your cards so they arrive safely; include personal messages about what makes each place special; don't forget postage costs vary by destination so check before mailing out anything too heavy or bulky!

In terms of cultural significance related to this particular theme - Hunting has been part Romanian culture since ancient times when people used bows & arrows instead guns while chasing their prey through forests full wildlife such as bears wolves deer etc.. Nowadays hunters still respect nature laws & regulations while enjoying sport shooting activities together their loyal companions – specially trained dogs bred specifically assist them during hunts making sure no animal is harmed unnecessarily.

Overall, the Romania 2005 Hunting Dogs Souvenir sheet is a unique and beautiful addition to any stamp collection or postcard exchange hobby. Its focus on hunting dogs and Romanian culture makes it stand out from other similar products, while its high-quality condition ensures that it will be cherished for years to come.

Collectors item! You'll receive one Souvenir Sheet of 6 stamps - MNH (mint never hinged) condition.

  • Technical details

    Issue Date: 28.09.2005

    Designer: Radu Oltean

    Process: Offset

    Colours: 4 Colours

    Size:Stamp size: 48 x 33 mm, Block size: 127 x 126 mm

    Values: 6 x 2.20 Lei

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