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* Stamps | Moldova 2019 - 50 Years Apollo 11 - top quality approved by specialists

* Stamps | Moldova 2019 - 50 Years Apollo 11

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📬🌞 "Bringing sunshine in every mailbox!" That's the motto of, an online shop that offers a wide variety of postcards with different themes and subjects. As a passionate postcard exchange specialist and hobbyist, I can say that their collection is impressive!

Their latest addition to the inventory caught my attention: Stamps | Moldova 2019 - 50 Years Apollo 11 | Postcards Market. This set celebrates one of humanity's greatest achievements – landing on the moon! The stamps feature iconic images from this historic event, making them perfect for collectors or anyone interested in space exploration.

The target audience for these postcards could be stamp collectors or people who are fascinated by space travel history. But really, anyone who loves receiving mail would appreciate getting one of these unique cards in their mailbox. Imagine opening your mailbox to find a surprise card featuring stunning imagery from outer space? It could brighten up even the gloomiest day! And if you're into collecting stamps or memorabilia related to significant events like this one, then it will surely make your day extra special.

When sending out postcards as part of an exchange hobby (which differs significantly from other product categories), there are some best practices worth considering. For example:

- Choose high-quality cards with beautiful designs
- Write something personal about yourself or where you live
- Include interesting facts about local culture/history

Postcard exchanges foster community connections because they allow people all over the world to connect through shared interests and experiences. They also provide opportunities for social interactions beyond digital platforms, which have become more prevalent nowadays due to pandemic restrictions.

Historically speaking, exchanging postcards has been around since at least Victorian times when travelers sent home picture-postals depicting famous landmarks as souvenirs. However, today's modern-day version involves swapping themed-cards via snail-mail between enthusiasts worldwide!

In terms of design aesthetics benefits new acquisitions offer, they can add to your collection, and you'll have a unique piece of history that commemorates an important event. Plus, it's always fun to receive mail that isn't just bills or junk!

In conclusion, is the perfect place for anyone who loves sending and receiving postcards. Their Stamps | Moldova 2019 - 50 Years Apollo 11 | Postcards Market set is a must-have for space enthusiasts or collectors alike! So why not brighten up someone's day by sending them one today?
You receive 1 (one) Souvenir Sheet:

50 Years since first step on the moon

Technical details
  • Designer: Vitalie Pogolsha
  • Multicoloured
  •  mm; Block size 80.50 x 68.75 mm
  •  Lei