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* Stamps | Moldova - Christmas 2020

1.79 € 

📮🌍🎉 Introducing the Stamps | Moldova - Christmas 2020

This product is perfect for anyone who loves to travel, explore new cultures and connect with people from all over the world. Whether you're a seasoned postcard collector or just starting out, these stamps and postcards are sure to bring joy and excitement to your mailbox.

Our target audience includes travelers, collectors, history buffs and anyone who appreciates human connection through snail mail. The mood we aim for is one of excitement and curiosity as each stamp or postcard tells a unique story about its origin.

When using this product in an imaginary scenario let's say that you receive a beautiful stamped envelope with several cards inside featuring different scenes from Moldova along with some interesting facts about Magellan’s journey on them. You can't wait to share these treasures with your friends abroad!

As part of our passion for connecting people through travel experiences via postal exchange hobby we encourage everyone who receives our products not only keep them but also send them forward by sharing their own stories on other cards they will find in future exchanges.

To make sure that every card arrives safely at its destination it’s important to follow best practices such as writing legibly (in case someone else reads it), affixing enough postage (to avoid delays) ,and protecting fragile items like stickers or magnets when sending multiple items together .


You receive 1 (one) Souvenir Sheet , each with 12 stamps:

Christmas 2020

Technical details
  • Designer: Eugeniu Verbceanu
  • Multicoloured
  •  mm
  •  Lei
  • The emission is RARE due very low print run