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* Stamps | Moldova - Unesco Monument - top quality approved by specialists

* Stamps | Moldova - Unesco Monument

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Introducing the Stamps | Moldova - Unesco Monument| Postcards Market, sold by! This product is perfect for anyone who loves to connect with others through travel and exchange postcards.

The target audience for this product is people of all ages who enjoy collecting stamps and postcards from different parts of the world. It's also great for those who want to learn more about UNESCO monuments in Moldova.

The mood of this product is adventurous, curious, and fun! The theme revolves around exploring new places and learning about different cultures. Our communication approach focuses on bringing joy into people's lives by sending surprise postcards that brighten up their day.

Imagine receiving a beautiful postcard with a stunning photo of a UNESCO monument in Moldova on it. You can feel the excitement as you read about its history and significance while admiring its beauty. You can't wait to share your own experiences with someone else through an exchange!

In an imaginary scenario using this product, you would start by selecting your favorite design from our collection online at or visiting one of our stores worldwide (if possible). Then write down some personal thoughts or stories related to your travels or interests before mailing it off across borders!

Postcard exchanging hobbyists know that there are many collections out there but what sets us apart are our unique designs featuring landmarks like these UNESCO monuments which have cultural significance not only locally but globally too.

Best practices when using this product include taking time choosing designs that resonate personally so they will be cherished forever; writing legibly so recipients can easily read them; adding stickers if desired as well as postage stamps matching destination countries' postal regulations (which we provide).

This particular stamp collection features 12 iconic sites recognized internationally under United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization program including Orheiul Vechi Monastery Complex & Cave Monasteries Of Hîncu. These monuments are not only beautiful but also have historical and cultural significance that make them worth exploring.

In conclusion, the Stamps | Moldova - Unesco Monument| Postcards Market is a must-have for anyone who loves to travel, collect stamps or postcards from around the world. It's perfect for sharing your experiences with others while learning about new cultures and places!
You receive 1 (one) Souvenir Sheet:

Moldova 2016 Struve Geodetic Arc - Only UNESCO Monument in Moldova Rep.

Technical details
  • Designer: Oleg Cojocari
  • Multicoloured
  •  mm; Block size 80.50 x 68.75 mm
  •  Lei