Discover the Magic of Communication with - Your Online Destination for Postcards!

Discover the Magic of Communication with - Your Online Destination for Postcards!

A journey into the fascinating world of postcards

I'm Mihnea Răducu and I'm a big fan of postcards! So passionate, that I managed to turn my passion into a business! Welcome to, your virtual home of over 1500 high quality postcard designs, bringing joy and glamor this festive season. We boast a vast collection, from the most classic to the most innovative postcard designs, all ready to be discovered and shared around the world!

Exclusive models offers you a wide range of over 1000 postcard designs, carefully designed and artistic touches to delight every recipient. Whether you want a classic design or something truly unique, we are here to fulfill all your wishes.

World Famous Postcard Series

Discover the fascination of the world with series like FOTW (Flags of The World) and MOTW (Maps of The World). These collections bring the diversity of countries to life through symbols and maps, turning each postcard into a small trip around the world. Innovation meets tradition with the Postcard World Explorer (PWE) series. Each postcard is printed with selective varnish and hides a QR code on the back. By scanning this code, you will be aurally teleported to that country, singing the national anthem together, thus bringing a special experience to each recipient. And the World Fashion Costumes Series - shows us in a unique way the traditional costumes of various peoples, through hand-made drawings by a Romanian painter.

Titina & Friends - A World Full of Friends and Adventures

Titina never stops expanding her circle of friends. In her virtual travels, she meets kittens, puppies, piglets, penguins, squirrels and even polar bears. Each friend brings with them their own playful and adorable personality, completing the warm and friendly atmosphere.

Fun activities

Titina and her friends are always busy with fun and educational activities. From playing chess and sending letters, to car rides or airplane rides, each postcard captures special moments and unforgettable memories. Share these adventures with your loved ones and bring a smile to everyone's faces.

Warm Messages and Lovely Drawings

With heart-warming messages and charming designs, Christmas postcards with Titina are the perfect gift to send beautiful wishes and share the magic of the holidays with your loved ones. Each postcard tells a unique story, bringing light and joy to the hearts of those who receive them.

Expect hilarious adventures and magical moments in every corner of the postcards with Titina & Friends.


Wall Calendars and Books Inspired by Titina

Plan your 2024 in style with the Titina-inspired wall calendar and the special "Titina & Friends by months" collection. We also have a special book written in English - "Titina and Friends Traveling in the European Union Book", which is based on the captivating story from the postcards. We believe that it is the first book built and written from ... postcards!


  • Superior Quality: All postcards are made with attention to detail and are of high quality.
  • Diversity: We offer a wide range of models to satisfy all tastes.
  • Joy and Charm: Each postcard tells a story, bringing joy and charm to the homes of recipients.

We look forward to guiding you on your journey into the world of postcards at! Discover the magic of the holidays and send the warmth and love of Christmas through unforgettable postcards

Don't know who to send a postcard to, or do you want to receive something other than invoices or supermarket promo catalogs in your mailbox? Nothing simpler - Discover Postcrossing!


Discover the Magic of Postcrossing - A Unique Way to Explore the World Through Postcards! is a global community passionate about postcards and the exchange of messages between people around the world. This is a project inspired by the desire to bring people closer through postcards and share the beauty of the world's cultural and geographical diversity. Here's how the Postcrossing activity works:

  • Step 1: Registration and Personal Profile

To start the Postcrossing adventure, users register on the online platform by creating a personal profile. Here, they can express their postcard preferences, interests and favorite places in the world.

  • Step 2: Send a Postcard

After registration, members receive a random address of another Postcrossing user. This address can come from anywhere in the world. The user is then responsible for selecting or creating a postcard, writing it and sending it to the indicated address.

  • Step 3: Receive a Postcard

As other members of the community send and receive postcards, the user will also start receiving postcards from other members. Each postcard is a unique surprise, bringing with it stories, images and joys from all over the world.

  • Step 4: Registration and Feedback

Once the recipient receives the postcard, they register their receipt on the Postcrossing platform and provide short and positive feedback to the sender. This process ensures transparency and trust in the community.


The Magic world of Postcrossing

  1. Exploring Cultures: Postcrossing offers a unique way to explore cultures and landscapes around the world without leaving your own home.
  2. Interpersonal Connections: People become connected by exchanging postcards and sharing their stories, creating genuine interpersonal connections.
  3. Joy in Every Mailbox: Every mailbox brings with it surprises and emotions, offering the opportunity to experience the traditional joy of receiving letters.

Postcrossing not only encourages the exchange of postcards, but also promotes tolerance, cultural understanding and friendship between people around the world. So grab a stamp and join the Postcrossing community to start your own journey through the fascinating world of postcards!


Do you want to see more? Here is a video (30 minutes) with me talking about postcards in a podcast at radio - Romanian Language with English Subtitles!

Click on ⬇️ Photo ⬇️ to see the video!




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