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Discover the Magic of Communication with - Your Online Destination for Postcards!

Discover the Magic of Communication with - Your Online Destination for Postcards!

A journey into the fascinating world of postcards

I'm Mihnea Răducu and I'm a big fan of postcards! So passionate, that I managed to turn my passion into a business! Welcome to, your virtual home of over 1500 high quality postcard designs, bringing joy and glamor this festive season. We boast a vast collection, from the most classic to the most innovative postcard designs, all ready to be discovered and shared around the world!

Exclusive models offers you a wide range of over 1000 postcard designs, carefully designed and artistic touches to delight every recipient. Whether you want a classic design or something truly unique, we are here to fulfill all your wishes.

World Famous Postcard Series

Discover the fascination of the world with series like FOTW (Flags of The World) and MOTW (Maps of The World). These collections bring the diversity of countries to life through symbols and maps, turning each postcard into a small trip around the world. Innovation meets tradition with the Postcard World Explorer (PWE) series. Each postcard is printed with selective varnish and hides a QR code on the back. By scanning this code, you will be aurally teleported to that country, singing the national anthem together, thus bringing a special experience to each recipient. And the World Fashion Costumes Series - shows us in a unique way the traditional costumes of various peoples, through hand-made drawings by a Romanian painter.

Titina & Friends - A World Full of Friends and Adventures

Titina never stops expanding her circle of friends. In her virtual travels, she meets kittens, puppies, piglets, penguins, squirrels and even polar bears. Each friend brings with them their own playful and adorable personality, completing the warm and friendly atmosphere.

Fun activities

Titina and her friends are always busy with fun and educational activities. From playing chess and sending letters, to car rides or airplane rides, each postcard captures special moments and unforgettable memories. Share these adventures with your loved ones and bring a smile to everyone's faces.

Warm Messages and Lovely Drawings

With heart-warming messages and charming designs, Christmas postcards with Titina are the perfect gift to send beautiful wishes and share the magic of the holidays with your loved ones. Each postcard tells a unique story, bringing light and joy to the hearts of those who receive them.

Expect hilarious adventures and magical moments in every corner of the postcards with Titina & Friends.


Wall Calendars and Books Inspired by Titina

Plan your 2024 in style with the Titina-inspired wall calendar and the special "Titina & Friends by months" collection. We also have a special book written in English - "Titina and Friends Traveling in the European Union Book", which is based on the captivating story from the postcards. We believe that it is the first book built and written from ... postcards!


  • Superior Quality: All postcards are made with attention to detail and are of high quality.
  • Diversity: We offer a wide range of models to satisfy all tastes.
  • Joy and Charm: Each postcard tells a story, bringing joy and charm to the homes of recipients.

We look forward to guiding you on your journey into the world of postcards at! Discover the magic of the holidays and send the warmth and love of Christmas through unforgettable postcards

Don't know who to send a postcard to, or do you want to receive something other than invoices or supermarket promo catalogs in your mailbox? Nothing simpler - Discover Postcrossing!


Discover the Magic of Postcrossing - A Unique Way to Explore the World Through Postcards! is a global community passionate about postcards and the exchange of messages between people around the world. This is a project inspired by the desire to bring people closer through postcards and share the beauty of the world's cultural and geographical diversity. Here's how the Postcrossing activity works:

  • Step 1: Registration and Personal Profile

To start the Postcrossing adventure, users register on the online platform by creating a personal profile. Here, they can express their postcard preferences, interests and favorite places in the world.

  • Step 2: Send a Postcard

After registration, members receive a random address of another Postcrossing user. This address can come from anywhere in the world. The user is then responsible for selecting or creating a postcard, writing it and sending it to the indicated address.

  • Step 3: Receive a Postcard

As other members of the community send and receive postcards, the user will also start receiving postcards from other members. Each postcard is a unique surprise, bringing with it stories, images and joys from all over the world.

  • Step 4: Registration and Feedback

Once the recipient receives the postcard, they register their receipt on the Postcrossing platform and provide short and positive feedback to the sender. This process ensures transparency and trust in the community.


The Magic world of Postcrossing

  1. Exploring Cultures: Postcrossing offers a unique way to explore cultures and landscapes around the world without leaving your own home.
  2. Interpersonal Connections: People become connected by exchanging postcards and sharing their stories, creating genuine interpersonal connections.
  3. Joy in Every Mailbox: Every mailbox brings with it surprises and emotions, offering the opportunity to experience the traditional joy of receiving letters.

Postcrossing not only encourages the exchange of postcards, but also promotes tolerance, cultural understanding and friendship between people around the world. So grab a stamp and join the Postcrossing community to start your own journey through the fascinating world of postcards!


Do you want to see more? Here is a video (30 minutes) with me talking about postcards in a podcast at radio - Romanian Language with English Subtitles!

Click on ⬇️ Photo ⬇️ to see the video!




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Interview made by with Mihnea Raducu, Shop Admin

Interview made by with Mihnea Raducu, Shop Admin

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International Reply Coupons: A Must-Have Tool for Postcard Collectors and Philately Enthusiasts

International Reply Coupons: A Must-Have Tool for Postcard Collectors and Philately Enthusiasts

As a postcard collector or philately enthusiast, you're always on the lookout for new and interesting pieces to add to your collection. One of the most exciting things about collecting postcards and stamps is the opportunity to explore different cultures and parts of the world. And thanks to the International Reply Coupon (IRC), you can now expand your collection even further.

An International Reply Coupon is a voucher that can be exchanged for postage stamps in any country that is a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). This means that you can use an IRC to send postcards from countries all over the world, including some of the most exotic and remote places.

For example, have you ever wanted to add a postcard from Niue, a small island nation in the South Pacific, to your collection? Or how about a postcard from Nauru, the world's smallest island nation? With an IRC, these places are now within reach.

But it's not just small island nations that you can reach with an IRC. You can also use it to send postcards from places like Tristan da Cunha, a remote British territory in the South Atlantic Ocean, or Svalbard, a Norwegian territory located near the North Pole. These places might seem out of reach, but with an IRC, they're just a postcard away.

Using an IRC is easy. Simply purchase an IRC in your home country and include it with your postcard when you send it. The recipient can then take the IRC to their local post office and exchange it for postage stamps, which they can use to send a reply back to you.

One of the biggest advantages of using an IRC is that it eliminates the need for currency exchange when sending postcards internationally. This is especially useful when dealing with countries that have currencies that are difficult to exchange or countries where language barriers might make it difficult to communicate with postal officials.

In addition to being a convenient tool for sending postcards from exotic locations, IRCs can also be a valuable addition to your collection. Some collectors like to collect IRCs as a separate category, while others might use them as a way to document their travels or the postcards they've received.

In conclusion, if you're a postcard collector or philately enthusiast, an International Reply Coupon is a must-have tool for expanding your collection and reaching new and interesting parts of the world. So why not give it a try and see where it takes you?

And - in order to verify that :D we really tested this great tool: We sent an FOTW of Zimbabwe to their Main Post Office (on 3 February 2023) and today - 12 May 2023 we received back our postcard stamped and postmarked! :D 


This is the letter sent 😉 (to give as well for you an example)

The address and the name can be easily found on internet: 



And here is the result! Just amazing!

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Titina and Friends Postcard Collection list (update 3 June 2024)

Titina and Friends Postcard Collection list (update 3 June 2024)

Here you can find the List of all Titina Postcards issued in time  - the list is updated when new models appear.

You can download a printable excel file here



Map of Italy


Map of Netherlands


Map of Poland


Map of Romania


Map of Germany


Map of Finland


Map of Czech Republic


Map of Austria


Map of Estonia


Map of Hungary


Map of Latvia


Map of Slovakia


Map of Slovenia


Map of Spain


Map of Ireland


Map of Sweden


Map of Lithuania


Map of Belgium


Map of France


Map of Portugal


Map of Croatia


Map of Greece


Map of Bulgaria


Special Edition - World Postcard Day


Special Edition - May the Mail be with you


Special Edition - A Mail a day keeps sadness away


Map of Luxembourg


Map of Denmark


Map of Malta


Special Edition - A Lucky thought for a purrrrfect day


Special Edition - A Bunch of happiness


Map of Cyprus


Special Edition - Across the world on a postcard


Special Edition - Cat's Rainbow


Special Edition - Have a Vampurrrrring Halloween


Special Edition - Autumn time


Map of European Union


Special Edition - Happy New Year


Map of the United Kingdom


Special Edition - Winter Time


Special Edition - Ginger Friends


Special Edition - Cats Bookcase


Special Edition - Have a purrfect Easter


Special Edition - Let's Travel


Special Edition - Happy Valentine's day


Special Edition - The Cruel Tree-killers say Merry Christmas


Map of Malta


Map of Russia


Map of Norway


Map of Canada


Map of United States of America


Map of Switzerland


Happy Birthday


Saint Patrick’s day


Spring Time


Post Owl


Map of China


Map of Japan


Special Edition - That’s Moon


Special Edition – Get Well Soon


Special Edition – Every one need a cat and a Teddy Bear


Map of San Marino


Map of Vatican City


Special Edition – Summer Time


Map of India


Map of Australia


Map of Taiwan 


Special Edition - All you need is love and peace


Special Edition – All you need is Cat’s and books


Map of Indonesia


Special Edition – Bunny friends


Special Edition - Black Cat‘s Mailbox


Special Edition - Fluffy friends


Special Edition - Piggy friends


Special Edition - Fantasy friends


Happy Mail Day


Special Edition – Red Rebels Love Rock


Special Edition All You Need Is Cats And A Cup Of Tea


Special Edition Doggie friends


Special Edition Rascal Friends


Special Edition All You Need Is A Surprise Package


Map of Ukraine


Map of SMOM


Map of Brazil


Special Edition-A Good Journey Needs A Good Company


Special Edition - May Your Postbox Be Always Full


Map of Tallinn


Map of Luxembourg City


Special Edition: Postcrossing-Versary


Map of Berlin

89 Map of Svalbard
90 Panda Love
91 All you need is a lazy Day
92 Planet Mars
93 Map of Africa
94 Sweet Day
95 Map of Malaysia
96 Map of Gibraltar
97 Friends for Life
98 Chocolate Day
99 Daydream
100 Thank you!
101 Post Office
102 Let's Meow in the rain
103 Tender Friends
104 A Dreamy Night
105 Let's have a coffee!

Santa Cat and the Little Helpers

107 Map Of Rome
108 Meowgical Halloween
109 Vitamin Boost
110 Map of Amsterdam
111 Love Purring and Dogkisses
112 Map of Paris
113 Cats Love Knitting
114 Christmas Surprise
115 Penguins Funny Friends
116 Snow time
117 Thinking of you
118 Spring Gardening
119 Happy Name Day
120 Let's Fly High
121 Prickly Love
122 Good Morning
123 Mommy Love
124 February
125 April
126 Life is better with a cat
127 November
128 May
129 January
130 December
131 August
132 September
133 October
134 July
135 March
136 June 
137 Have a rainbow day
138 A purrfect stamp for purrfect card1
139 A stamp lover is also a cat addict

Map of Valetta

141 Smart friends like smart games
142 Take it easy be more cat
143 Map of Vietnam
144 Map of Liechtenstein
145 Let's Dream Together
146 Flower Shop
147 All you need is Cuddles
148 Lucky Mail Day
149 Honey time
150 Forever Friends
151 Don’t Worry Be Happy
152 Have a merry mail Day
153 Have a quiet mail day
154 Have a sunny mail day
155 Map of Israel
156 Map of Peru
157 04 Cancer zodiac sign (Crab)
158 05 Leo zodiac sign (lion)
159 07 Libra zodiac sign (Balance)
160 02 Taurus zodiac sign (Bull)
161 The best antistress
162 Happy World Postcard day2023
163 03 Gemini Zodiac Sign (Twins)
164 Map of Singapore
165 Surprise Letter
166 Have a Colorful Mail Day
167 Postal Hug
168 06 Virgo Zodiac Sign (Virgin)
169 Have a Dreamy Mail Day
170 Cat Calendar
171 Washington DC
172 World Post Day 9 October
173 Happy Thanksgiving
174 Four Seasons
175 Meowy Marriage
176 Happy Summer
177 Happy Spring
178 12 Pisces (Fish)
179 Happy Winter
180 Happy Autumn
181 01 Aries (Ram)

Titina Splendid mail day

183 Titina Best Lucky Charm ever
184 Titina Bringing sunshine to everymailbox
185 Titina Bucharest
186 Titina Georgia
187 Titina Let's Grow Happiness
188 Titina 09 Sagittarius (Archer)
189 Titina 08 Scorpio (Scorpion)
190 Titina Thailand
191 Titina Wise Friends
192 Armenia
193 Cats Leave Pawprints
194 Happy Befana
195 Have awesome mail day
196 Home sweet home
197 Never Stop Dreaming
198 Hong Kong
199 Add Some Meowgic to Life
200 Let's Catch Stars
201 Happy Easter
202 Titina 11 Aquarius (Water Bearer)
203 Have a Lazy Mail Day
204 Let's Meow Around Europe
205 Titina 10 Capricornus (Goat)
206 Thassos, Greece
207 Happy Year of The Dragon
208 Black Cat Purrsonality
209 Calico Cat Purrsonality
210 Planet Earth ruled by Cats
211 Red Cat Purrsonality
212 White Cat Purrsonality
213 Tuxedo Cats purrsonality
214 We love Snail mail
215 Grey Cat Purrsonality
216 Enjoy the Little Things in Life
217 Cat Olympic Games
218 International Cat Day
219 Love last Forever

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The Benefits of Postcard Exchange Hobby: How It Can Enrich Your Life and Expand Your Horizons

The Benefits of Postcard Exchange Hobby: How It Can Enrich Your Life and Expand Your Horizons

The Benefits of Postcard Exchange Hobby: How It Can Enrich Your Life and Expand Your Horizons

Postcards have been around for over a century, but they still remain one of the most popular ways to communicate with friends and family. However, postcards can also be used as a hobby that not only enriches your life but expands your horizons in many different ways.

Subtitle 1: The Joy of Sending and Receiving Postcards

Sending or receiving postcards is an experience like no other. There's something special about opening up your mailbox to find a colorful card from someone you care about waiting inside. And when it comes time to send out cards yourself, there's nothing quite like taking the time to choose just the right design or message for each recipient.

In addition to being fun, sending and receiving postcards has several benefits:

  • Makes You Feel Connected: In today’s digital age where communication happens mostly through screens; exchanging physical mail helps us feel more connected than ever before.
  • Cultivates Creativity: Choosing unique designs on themes such as travel destinations or vintage art encourages creativity while writing messages allows you express yourself freely without any character limits!
  • Broadens Cultural Awareness: Exchanging international stamps gives insight into cultures beyond our own borders which broadens cultural awareness & understanding between people across continents


Subtitle 2: Traveling Through Time With Vintage Postcard Collecting

Vintage postcard collecting is another way that this hobby can expand your horizons by allowing you access into history itself! These antique pieces are often beautifully designed with intricate details depicting scenes from times gone by - making them perfect for collectors who love to travel through time.

Collecting vintage postcards has several benefits:

  • Captures History: Vintage postcards capture a moment in history and provide insight into the past, making them valuable for historians or anyone interested in learning about different eras.
  • Bridges Generations: Vintage cards can be passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms that tell stories of our ancestors' lives & experiences
  • Inspires Creativity: The unique designs on these antique pieces inspire creativity while writing messages allows you express yourself freely without any character limits!


Subtitle 3: Postcrossing - A Global Community Connecting Through Postcards

If you're looking for an even more immersive experience with this hobby, consider joining the global community of "postcrossers"! This online platform connects people around the world who share a passion for sending and receiving postcards.

Postcrossing has several benefits:

  • Makes You Part Of A Global Network :You get connected with like-minded individuals across continents sharing their cultures via stamps & images on each card exchanged.
  • .
  • Fosters Friendship Across Borders :
    This is not just exchanging mail but also building friendships beyond borders which helps us understand other countries better by getting insights directly from locals themselves.
    It's amazing how much we have in common despite being so far apart!
  • .
  • Promotes Learning:
    We learn new things every day; however, when it comes to geography or culture sometimes books aren't enough. Exchanging international postcards helps us learn about different countries, their customs and traditions in a fun way.


In conclusion, postcard exchange hobby is an excellent way to enrich your life by connecting with others through physical mail. Whether you're sending or receiving cards, collecting vintage pieces or joining the global community of "postcrossers," this hobby has something for everyone! So why not give it a try today?

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Postcard atelier in Sibiu, to celebrate as well 18 years of Postcrossing!

Postcard atelier in Sibiu, to celebrate as well 18 years of Postcrossing!

"Discover the Charm of Sibiu: Join Our Postcard Atelier Adventure"

Sibiu, a city nestled in the heart of Romania, is a true gem waiting to be explored. And what better way to do it than by joining our postcard atelier adventure? We are excited to offer you a taste of Romania's rich culture, history, and scenery through our postcard atelier.

The "postcard atelier" will take place from July 14th to 18th, 2023, and will kick off with a meeting on Friday, July 14th at 4:00 PM at Cardinal Pension, located at Justitiei 9 street in Sibiu. This cozy pension is situated in the city center and is within walking distance of the historical center of Sibiu.

We have planned an exciting itinerary for the duration of the atelier, which includes visits to some of the most beautiful and historic places in Sibiu and its surroundings. On Friday, we will explore the city center of Sibiu and in the evening, we will have a "meeting" where locals can also participate (there are some postcrossers in the Sibiu area). On Saturday, we will have the option to visit Hunyad Castle, Corvin Castle, or UNESCO city Sighisoara. On Sunday, we will visit the village museum Astra in Sibiu. On Monday and Tuesday, we will explore the remaining options.

We have arranged for the entire pension to be rented for our group, with a maximum capacity of 31 people. Accommodation options include 4 matrimonial rooms (double beds), 2 twin rooms, 1 suite for 5 people, 2 suites for 4 people, and 2 family rooms (one double bed and one coach). We believe that by renting the entire pension, we will have a better price than renting room by room.

For our trips, we will rent a bus locally. In order to make proper reservations, we must know in advance who will be joining us. Therefore, the deadline for registration is March 31st, 2023. We must book the pension in advance, and payment will be required to secure your spot. For those who will be arriving at the airport in Bucharest, there are public buses and cars available to take us to Sibiu.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover the charm of Sibiu and sign some beautiful postcards with fellow postcard enthusiasts. Register today and join us on this adventure of a lifetime!

Limited spots available!

You can find all details also here:

 RSVP: send us an email to or to 

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December is here....

December is here....

Later Edit (25 December 2022):

The 10 winners are:
1. Sabina Abdagic-Steta - Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Wong Chi Long - Macau
3. Leisha Camden - Norway
4. Blanca Peris - Spain
5, Daire Luus - Estonia
6. Konstanze Bittman - Germany
7. Leann Minihan - Ireland
8. Hellevi Jukkala - Finland
9. Ronald Ramsey - USA
10. John Michael Banaang - Philippines


Congratulations, and thank you all for being part in our survey! Follow us for the results in January!

And that is a good moment to find your oppinion about us and how we can improve our activity.

All you have to do is to complete this form - and we will publish the results and the winners of the raffle, as well, here on our blog in January 2023.

Also is the perfect moment to wish you all Merry Christmas and... Keep Calm and wait for Santa!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Ho! Ho! Ho! 🎄🎅

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Svalbard news!

Svalbard news!

And .... we were in the Norternmost postcrossing meeting in this world! In Longyearbyen, Svalbard and Jan Mayeb archipelago! It was a super time spent with other postcrossers, an unique adventure "once in a lifetime"! :) and we appeared with the postcrossing meeting also in the local newspaper - Svalbard Posten! We let the photo to speaks :D A

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Postcrossing Stamp Launch in Luxembourg!

Postcrossing Stamp Launch in Luxembourg!

Hello Everybody! On 17th of September I was in... Luxembourg city for the Launch of the Postcrossing Stamp! And we had a meeting with other postcrossers, of course, and it was super fun! I will let photos to speak :) 


More photos here.

Yours always, Mihnea :D

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We invite you all to participate in our giveaway on our facebook page. Click here and see what you must do! Ends on 14 June 2022 (morning time). Good Luck!

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