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North America | SAINT PIERRE & MIQUELON - FW - top quality approved by specialists


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destinations. The postcards are perfect for people who collect postcards from unique and off-the-beaten-path locations, travel enthusiasts, and history buffs interested in the cultural significance of Saint Pierre & Miquelon.

If you receive this set of postcards, you'll be transported to this remote French archipelago located just south of Newfoundland. The rugged coastline, colorful houses, and rich history are all captured on these cards. You can use them as souvenirs or gifts for friends and family, display them as wall art, or write personalized messages on the back before sending them out into the world.

Saint Pierre & Miquelon is an interesting destination due to its unique blend of French culture mixed with North American influences. Its history includes being used as a base for rum-running during Prohibition times in America.

Postcard exchange is more than just collecting pretty pictures - it's about connecting with people around the world through shared interests and experiences. By exchanging postcards with others who share our love for travel or specific destinations like Saint Pierre & Miquelon, we can build meaningful connections that transcend borders.

The first known picture postcard was sent from Vienna in 1871, but they didn't become popular until later when printing technology improved, making mass production possible. During World War I, soldiers would send "silks" - postcards made of silk fabric with patriotic messages and images to their loved ones back home.

Adding new postcard sets to your collection can expand your knowledge about different cultures, destinations, and historical events, enhance your creativity, and build connections with other collectors through trading or exchanging.

In conclusion, the North America | SAINT PIERRE & MIQUELON - FW| Postcards Market offers a unique collection that stands out from others due to its focus on lesser-known destinations.

15x10.5 cm

Matte chromo Hi-Quality paper 

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