Behind every postcard, there is a concept, a story, a person.

This page is dedicated to the postcards authors: artists, designers, editors,  photographers etc.

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At, we are constantly searching for people around the world to collaborate and publish unique postcards together.

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Riek van der Mast - The NetherlandsMihai Raitaru - Romania

 Riek vand der Mast postcards                Mihai Raitaru postcards

Swonild Ilenia Genovese - ItalyEduard Palaghita - Ro_US

  Swonild Genovese Postcards             Eduard Palaghita Postcards


  Wolfgang Wietlaner Postcards           Adrian Pacurariu Postcards

Oana Livia Postcards                                Chen Chi Postcards 
George Nazareanu - RomaniaMihnea Raducu - Romania
 George Nazareanu - co-owner               Mihnea Raducu - shop admin
Back in 2015 George and Mihnea, both from Romania, decided to transform their hobby into a small business. Since then a lot of postcards and a lot of models were added in the shop. We are proud to say that we are thinking that we go with collecting postcards to the "next level" - introducing a lot of series of postcards to be collected.
We have collaborators from Italy, Netherlands, France, China, United States and, of course, Romania.
Update March 2023: We have now in stock around 150.000 physical postcards, and many series in place: FOTW (Flags of the World), MOTW (Maps of The World), PWE (Postcard World Explorer), National Symbols of (Animal, Bird Flower), World Fashion, Titina and Friends, CCUN (Chinese Character United Nations) , UID - United in Diversity - EU countries, Football Stadiums, Keep Calm; soon we will add a new series called POTW (Post Offices of the World); we are always looking to add new and interesting themes for postcards (photography, illustrations, art, so on).