Postcard atelier in Sibiu, to celebrate as well 18 years of Postcrossing!

Postcard atelier in Sibiu, to celebrate as well 18 years of Postcrossing!

"Discover the Charm of Sibiu: Join Our Postcard Atelier Adventure"

Sibiu, a city nestled in the heart of Romania, is a true gem waiting to be explored. And what better way to do it than by joining our postcard atelier adventure? We are excited to offer you a taste of Romania's rich culture, history, and scenery through our postcard atelier.

The "postcard atelier" will take place from July 14th to 18th, 2023, and will kick off with a meeting on Friday, July 14th at 4:00 PM at Cardinal Pension, located at Justitiei 9 street in Sibiu. This cozy pension is situated in the city center and is within walking distance of the historical center of Sibiu.

We have planned an exciting itinerary for the duration of the atelier, which includes visits to some of the most beautiful and historic places in Sibiu and its surroundings. On Friday, we will explore the city center of Sibiu and in the evening, we will have a "meeting" where locals can also participate (there are some postcrossers in the Sibiu area). On Saturday, we will have the option to visit Hunyad Castle, Corvin Castle, or UNESCO city Sighisoara. On Sunday, we will visit the village museum Astra in Sibiu. On Monday and Tuesday, we will explore the remaining options.

We have arranged for the entire pension to be rented for our group, with a maximum capacity of 31 people. Accommodation options include 4 matrimonial rooms (double beds), 2 twin rooms, 1 suite for 5 people, 2 suites for 4 people, and 2 family rooms (one double bed and one coach). We believe that by renting the entire pension, we will have a better price than renting room by room.

For our trips, we will rent a bus locally. In order to make proper reservations, we must know in advance who will be joining us. Therefore, the deadline for registration is March 31st, 2023. We must book the pension in advance, and payment will be required to secure your spot. For those who will be arriving at the airport in Bucharest, there are public buses and cars available to take us to Sibiu.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover the charm of Sibiu and sign some beautiful postcards with fellow postcard enthusiasts. Register today and join us on this adventure of a lifetime!

Limited spots available!

You can find all details also here:

 RSVP: send us an email to or to 

December is here....

December is here....

Later Edit (25 December 2022):

The 10 winners are:
1. Sabina Abdagic-Steta - Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Wong Chi Long - Macau
3. Leisha Camden - Norway
4. Blanca Peris - Spain
5, Daire Luus - Estonia
6. Konstanze Bittman - Germany
7. Leann Minihan - Ireland
8. Hellevi Jukkala - Finland
9. Ronald Ramsey - USA
10. John Michael Banaang - Philippines


Congratulations, and thank you all for being part in our survey! Follow us for the results in January!

And that is a good moment to find your oppinion about us and how we can improve our activity.

All you have to do is to complete this form - and we will publish the results and the winners of the raffle, as well, here on our blog in January 2023.

Also is the perfect moment to wish you all Merry Christmas and... Keep Calm and wait for Santa!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Ho! Ho! Ho! 🎄🎅

Svalbard news!

Svalbard news!

And .... we were in the Norternmost postcrossing meeting in this world! In Longyearbyen, Svalbard and Jan Mayeb archipelago! It was a super time spent with other postcrossers, an unique adventure "once in a lifetime"! :) and we appeared with the postcrossing meeting also in the local newspaper - Svalbard Posten! We let the photo to speaks :D A

Postcrossing Stamp Launch in Luxembourg!

Postcrossing Stamp Launch in Luxembourg!

Hello Everybody! On 17th of September I was in... Luxembourg city for the Launch of the Postcrossing Stamp! And we had a meeting with other postcrossers, of course, and it was super fun! I will let photos to speak :) 


More photos here.

Yours always, Mihnea :D

Titina and Friends Postcard Collection list (update 4 December 2022)

Titina and Friends Postcard Collection list (update 4 December 2022)


Map of Italy


Map of Netherlands


Map of Poland


Map of Romania


Map of Germany


Map of Finland


Map of Czech Republic


Map of Austria


Map of Estonia


Map of Hungary


Map of Latvia


Map of Slovakia


Map of Slovenia


Map of Spain


Map of Ireland


Map of Sweden


Map of Lithuania


Map of Belgium


Map of France


Map of Portugal


Map of Croatia


Map of Greece


Map of Bulgaria


Special Edition - World Postcard Day


Special Edition - May the Mail be with you


Special Edition - A Mail a day keeps sadness away


Map of Luxembourg


Map of Denmark


Map of Malta


Special Edition - A Lucky thought for a purrrrfect day


Special Edition - A Bunch of happiness


Map of Cyprus


Special Edition - Across the world on a postcard


Special Edition - Cat's Rainbow


Special Edition - Have a Vampurrrrring Halloween


Special Edition - Autumn time


Map of European Union


Special Edition - Happy New Year


Map of the United Kingdom


Special Edition - Winter Time


Special Edition - Ginger Friends


Special Edition - Cats Bookcase


Special Edition - Have a purrfect Easter


Special Edition - Let's Travel


Special Edition - Happy Valentine's day


Special Edition - The Cruel Tree-killers say Merry Christmas


Map of Malta


Map of Russia


Map of Norway


Map of Canada


Map of United States of America


Map of Switzerland


Happy Birthday


Saint Patrick’s day


Spring Time


Post Owl


Map of China


Map of Japan


Special Edition - That’s Moon


Special Edition – Get Well Soon


Special Edition – Every one need a cat and a Teddy Bear


Map of San Marino


Map of Vatican City


Special Edition – Summer Time


Map of India


Map of Australia


Map of Taiwan 


Special Edition - All you need is love and peace


Special Edition – All you need is Cat’s and books


Map of Indonesia


Special Edition – Bunny friends


Special Edition - Black Cat‘s Mailbox


Special Edition - Fluffy friends


Special Edition - Piggy friends


Special Edition - Fantasy friends


Happy Mail Day


Special Edition – Red Rebels Love Rock


Special Edition All You Need Is Cats And A Cup Of Tea


Special Edition Doggie friends


Special Edition Rascal Friends


Special Edition All You Need Is A Surprise Package


Map of Ukraine


Map of SMOM


Map of Brazil


Special Edition-A Good Journey Needs A Good Company


Special Edition - May Your Postbox Be Always Full


Map of Tallinn


Map of Luxembourg City


Special Edition: Postcrossing-Versary


Map of Berlin

89 Map of Svalbard
90 Panda Love
91 All you need is a lazy Day
92 Planet Mars
93 Map of Africa
94 Sweet Day
95 Map of Malaysia
96 Map of Gibraltar
97 Friends for Life
98 Chocolate Day
99 Daydream
100 Thank you!
101 Post Office
102 Let's Meow in the rain
103 Tender Friends
104 A Dreamy Night
105 Let's have a coffee!

Santa Cat and the Little Helpers

107 Map of Rome
108 Meowgical Halloween
109 Vitamin Boost
110 Map of Amsterdam 
111 Love, Purring and Dogkisses
112 Map of Paris
113 Cats Love Knitting
114 Christmas Surprise


We invite you all to participate in our giveaway on our facebook page. Click here and see what you must do! Ends on 14 June 2022 (morning time). Good Luck!
Official Launch of Titina and Friends Travelling in European Union - Palermo, Italy!

Official Launch of Titina and Friends Travelling in European Union - Palermo, Italy!

On 2nd of April 2022 we met together a lot of postcrossers with the Author of Titina Drawings - Swonild Genovese, in the historical building of Poste Italiane - Via Roma, in Palermo!

It was very fun, considering that we were people from Romania, Moldova Rep, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and, of course, Italy! We let the photo speak! 

Now - if you order the Book in our shop, you'll receive also the special Palermo Card, signed by the author during our trip in Italy The card will be a gift from us - and is the only way for you to have it ;) !


And ...we appear also in a local journal! 😀




1st March 1992 - First stamp issued by modern Ukraine!

1st March 1992 - First stamp issued by modern Ukraine!

On 1st Of March 1992 was issued the first stamp of modern Ukraine!

Read more →

List of Available MOTW's @3 August 2021

You can always find here all products with stock >0


1 AFRICA | Algeria MOTW
2 AFRICA | Angola MOTW
3 AFRICA | Ascension Island MOTW
4 AFRICA | Asia | Egypt MOTW
6 AFRICA | Botswana MOTW
7 AFRICA | Burkina Faso MOTW
8 AFRICA | Burundi MOTW
9 AFRICA | Cameroon MOTW
10 AFRICA | Cape Verde MOTW
11 AFRICA | Central African Republic MOTW
13 AFRICA | Comoros MOTW
14 AFRICA | Congo R.D. MOTW
15 AFRICA | Congo Republic MOTW
16 AFRICA | Djibouti MOTW
17 AFRICA | Equatorial Guinea MOTW
18 AFRICA | Eritrea MOTW
19 AFRICA | Eswatini (Swaziland) MOTW
20 AFRICA | Ethiopia MOTW
21 AFRICA | Gabon MOTW
22 AFRICA | Ghana MOTW
23 AFRICA | Guinea MOTW
24 AFRICA | Guinea-Bissau MOTW
25 AFRICA | Ivory Coast MOTW
26 AFRICA | Kenya MOTW
27 AFRICA | Lesotho MOTW
28 AFRICA | Liberia MOTW
29 AFRICA | Libya MOTW
30 AFRICA | Madagascar MOTW
31 AFRICA | Malawi MOTW
33 AFRICA | Mauritania MOTW
34 AFRICA | Mauritius MOTW
35 AFRICA | Mayotte MOTW
36 AFRICA | Morocco MOTW
37 AFRICA | Mozambique MOTW
38 AFRICA | Namibia MOTW
39 AFRICA | Niger MOTW
40 AFRICA | Nigeria MOTW
41 AFRICA | Reunion MOTW
42 AFRICA | Rwanda MOTW
43 AFRICA | Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (Western Sahara) MOTW - states with limited recognition
44 AFRICA | Saint Helena MOTW
45 AFRICA | Sao Tome and Principe MOTW
46 AFRICA | Senegal MOTW
47 AFRICA | Seychelles MOTW
48 AFRICA | Sierra Leone MOTW
49 AFRICA | Somalia MOTW
50 AFRICA | South Africa MOTW
51 AFRICA | South Sudan - MOTW
52 AFRICA | Sudan MOTW
53 AFRICA | TAAF | French Southern & Antarctic Lands - MOTW
54 AFRICA | Tanzania MOTW
55 AFRICA | The Gambia MOTW
56 AFRICA | Togo - MOTW
57 AFRICA | Tristan da Cunha MOTW
58 AFRICA | Tunisia MOTW
59 AFRICA | Uganda MOTW
60 AFRICA | Zambia MOTW
61 AFRICA | Zimbabwe MOTW
62 Asia | Abkhazia MOTW - states with limited recognition
63 Asia | Afghanistan MOTW
64 Asia | Armenia MOTW
65 Asia | Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) MOTW
66 Asia | Bahrain MOTW
67 Asia | Bangladesh MOTW
68 Asia | Bhutan MOTW
69 Asia | British Indian Ocean Territory MOTW
70 Asia | Brunei MOTW
71 Asia | Cambodia MOTW
72 Asia | China MOTW
73 Asia | East Timor MOTW - Timor-Leste
74 Asia | Europe | Akrotiri and Dhekelia MOTW
75 Asia | Europe | Azerbaijan MOTW
76 Asia | Europe | Georgia MOTW
77 Asia | Europe | Kazakhstan MOTW
78 Asia | Europe | Turkey MOTW
79 Asia | Hong Kong MOTW
80 Asia | India MOTW
81 Asia | Indonesia MOTW
82 Asia | Iran MOTW
83 Asia | Iraq MOTW
84 Asia | Israel MOTW
85 Asia | Japan MOTW
86 Asia | Jordan MOTW
87 Asia | KOREA  Republic of (South Korea)  MOTW
88 Asia | KOREA DPR (North Korea) - MOTW
89 Asia | Kuwait MOTW
90 Asia | Kyrgyzstan MOTW
91 Asia | Laos MOTW
92 Asia | Lebanon MOTW
93 Asia | Macau MOTW
94 Asia | Malaysia MOTW
95 Asia | Maldives MOTW
96 Asia | Mongolia MOTW
97 Asia | Myanmar MOTW
98 Asia | Nepal MOTW
99 Asia | Northern Cyprus MOTW - states with limited recognition
100 Asia | Oman MOTW
101 Asia | Pakistan MOTW
102 Asia | Palestine MOTW
103 Asia | Philippines MOTW
104 Asia | Qatar MOTW
105 Asia | Saudi Arabia - MOTW
106 Asia | Singapore MOTW
107 Asia | South Ossetia - MOTW 
108 Asia | Sri Lanka - MOTW
109 Asia | Syria - MOTW
110 Asia | Taiwan MOTW
111 Asia | Tajikistan MOTW
112 Asia | Thailand MOTW
113 Asia | Turkmenistan MOTW
114 Asia | United Arab Emirates MOTW
115 Asia | Uzbekistan MOTW
116 Asia | Vietnam MOTW
117 Asia | Yemen MOTW
118 Europe | Africa | Madeira MOTW
119 Europe | Africa | The Azores MOTW
120 Europe | Aland MOTW
121 Europe | Albania MOTW
122 Europe | Alderney MOTW
123 Europe | Andorra MOTW
124 Europe | Asia | Russia MOTW
125 Europe | Austria MOTW
126 Europe | Belarus MOTW
127 Europe | Belgium MOTW
128 Europe | Belgium Province -  Antwerp MOTW (Antwerpen) 
129 Europe | Belgium Province -  Brussels - Capital Region MOTW (Bruxelles-Capitale) 
130 Europe | Belgium Province -  East Flanders MOTW (Oost Vlaanderen) 
131 Europe | Belgium Province -  Flemish Brabant MOTW (Vlaams Brabant) 
132 Europe | Belgium Province -  Hainaut MOTW 
133 Europe | Belgium Province -  Liege MOTW (Luttich) 
134 Europe | Belgium Province -  Limburg MOTW 
135 Europe | Belgium Province -  Luxembourg MOTW 
136 Europe | Belgium Province - Namur MOTW 
137 Europe | Belgium Province - Walloon Brabant MOTW (Brabant Wallon) 
138 Europe | Belgium Province - West-Flanders MOTW (West-Vlaanderen) 
139 Europe | Bosnia and Herzegovina MOTW
140 Europe | Bulgaria MOTW
141 Europe | Croatia MOTW
142 Europe | Cyprus MOTW
143 Europe | Czech Republic - Czechia - MOTW
144 Europe | Denmark MOTW
145 Europe | England MOTW
146 Europe | Estonia MOTW
147 Europe | European Union MOTW - (History - before Brexit)
148 Europe | European Union MOTW - update Brexit
150 Europe | Finland MOTW
151 Europe | France MOTW
152 Europe | Germany MOTW
153 Europe | Germany States - Baden-Wurttemberg MOTW 
154 Europe | Germany States - Bavaria _ Bayern MOTW 
155 Europe | Germany States - Berlin MOTW  
156 Europe | Germany States - Brandenburg MOTW 
157 Europe | Germany States - Bremen MOTW 
158 Europe | Germany States - Hamburg MOTW 
159 Europe | Germany States - Hesse _ Hessen MOTW 
160 Europe | Germany States - Lower Saxony _ Niedersachsen MOTW 
161 Europe | Germany States - Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania _ Mecklenburg-Vorpommern  MOTW 
162 Europe | Germany States - North Rhine - Westphalia _ Nordrhein-Westfalen MOTW 
163 Europe | Germany States - Rhineland-Palatinate _ Rheinland-Pfalz MOTW 
164 Europe | Germany States - Saarland MOTW 
165 Europe | Germany States - Saxony _ Sachsen MOTW 
166 Europe | Germany States - Saxony-Anhalt _ Sachsen-Anhalt MOTW 
167 Europe | Germany States - Schleswig-Holstein MOTW 
168 Europe | Germany States - Thuringia _ Thüringen MOTW 
169 Europe | Gibraltar MOTW
170 Europe | Greece MOTW
171 Europe | Guernsey MOTW
172 Europe | Hungary MOTW
173 Europe | Iceland MOTW
174 Europe | Ireland MOTW
175 Europe | Isle of Man MOTW
176 Europe | Italy MOTW
177 Europe | Jersey MOTW
178 Europe | Kosovo MOTW
179 Europe | Latvia MOTW
180 Europe | Liechteinsten MOTW
181 Europe | Lithuania MOTW
182 Europe | Luxembourg MOTW
183 Europe | Malta MOTW
184 Europe | Moldova MOTW
185 Europe | Monaco MOTW
186 Europe | Montenegro MOTW
187 Europe | Netherlands MOTW
188 Europe | Netherlands Provinces - Drenthe _ MOTW_NL_001 
189 Europe | Netherlands Provinces - Flevoland _ MOTW_NL_002 
190 Europe | Netherlands Provinces - Friesland _ MOTW_NL_003 
191 Europe | Netherlands Provinces - Gelderland _ MOTW_NL_004 
192 Europe | Netherlands Provinces - Groningen _ MOTW_NL_005 
193 Europe | Netherlands Provinces - Limburg _ MOTW_NL_006 
194 Europe | Netherlands Provinces - North Brabant _ MOTW_NL_007 
195 Europe | Netherlands Provinces - North Holland _ MOTW_NL_008 
196 Europe | Netherlands Provinces - Overijssel _ MOTW_NL_009 
197 Europe | Netherlands Provinces - Utrecht _ MOTW_NL_011 
198 Europe | Netherlands Provinces - Zeeland _ MOTW_NL_012 
199 Europe | Netherlands Provinces - Zuid-Holland (South Holland) _ MOTW_NL_010 
200 Europe | North America | Greenland MOTW
201 Europe | North Macedonia MOTW
202 Europe | Northern Ireland MOTW
203 Europe | Norway MOTW
204 Europe | Poland MOTW
205 Europe | Portugal MOTW
206 Europe | Romania MOTW
207 Europe | San Marino MOTW
208 Europe | Scotland MOTW
209 Europe | Serbia MOTW
210 Europe | Slovakia MOTW
211 Europe | Slovenia MOTW
212 Europe | Spain MOTW
213 Europe | Svalbard MOTW
214 Europe | Sweden MOTW
215 Europe | Swiss Cantons 001 -  Zurich MOTW 
216 Europe | Swiss Cantons 002 -  Bern MOTW 
217 Europe | Swiss Cantons 003 -  Luzern MOTW 
218 Europe | Swiss Cantons 004 -  Uri MOTW 
219 Europe | Swiss Cantons 005 -  Schwyz MOTW 
220 Europe | Swiss Cantons 006 -  Obwalden MOTW 
221 Europe | Swiss Cantons 007 -  Nidwalden MOTW 
222 Europe | Swiss Cantons 008 -  Glarus MOTW 
223 Europe | Swiss Cantons 009 -  Zug MOTW 
224 Europe | Swiss Cantons 010 -  Fribourg MOTW 
225 Europe | Swiss Cantons 011 -  Solothurn MOTW 
226 Europe | Swiss Cantons 012 -  Basel - Stadt MOTW 
227 Europe | Swiss Cantons 013 -  Basel-Landschaft MOTW 
228 Europe | Swiss Cantons 014 -  Schaffhausen MOTW 
229 Europe | Swiss Cantons 015-  Appenzell Ausserhoden MOTW 
230 Europe | Swiss Cantons 016 -  Appenzell Innerhoden MOTW 
231 Europe | Swiss Cantons 017 -  St. Gallen MOTW 
232 Europe | Swiss Cantons 018 -  Graubunden MOTW 
233 Europe | Swiss Cantons 019 -  Aargau MOTW 
234 Europe | Swiss Cantons 020 - Thurgau MOTW 
235 Europe | Swiss Cantons 021 - Ticino MOTW 
236 Europe | Swiss Cantons 022 - Vaud MOTW 
237 Europe | Swiss Cantons 023 - Valais MOTW 
238 Europe | Swiss Cantons 024 - Neuchatel MOTW 
239 Europe | Swiss Cantons 025 - Geneve MOTW 
240 Europe | Swiss Cantons 026 - Jura MOTW 
241 Europe | Switzerland MOTW
242 Europe | Ukraine MOTW
243 Europe | United Kingdom MOTW
244 Europe | Vatican MOTW - Holy See
245 Europe | Wales MOTW
246 Maps of the world MOTW
247 North America | Anguilla MOTW
248 North America | Antigua & Barbuda MOTW
249 North America | Barbados MOTW
250 North America | Belize MOTW
251 North America | Bermuda MOTW
252 North America | British Virgin Islands MOTW
253 North America | Canada MOTW
254 North America | Cayman Islands MOTW
255 North America | Costa Rica MOTW
256 North America | Cuba MOTW
257 North America | Dominica MOTW
258 North America | Dominican Republic MOTW
259 North America | El Salvador MOTW
260 North America | Grenada MOTW
261 North America | Guadeloupe MOTW
262 North America | Guatemala MOTW
263 North America | Haiti MOTW
264 North America | Honduras MOTW
265 North America | Jamaica MOTW
266 North America | Martinique MOTW
267 North America | Mexico MOTW
268 North America | Montserrat MOTW
269 North America | Nicaragua MOTW
270 North America | Panama MOTW
271 North America | Puerto Rico MOTW
272 North America | Saba MOTW
273 North America | Saint Barthelemy MOTW
274 North America | SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS - MOTW
275 North America | SAINT LUCIA MOTW
276 North America | Saint Martin MOTW
277 North America | Saint Pierre & Miquelon MOTW
278 North America | Saint Vincent and the Grenadines MOTW
279 North America | Sint Eustatius MOTW
280 North America | Sint Maarten - MOTW
281 North America | The Bahamas MOTW
282 North America | Trinidad and Tobago MOTW
283 North America | Turks and Caicos Islands MOTW
284 North America | U.S Virgin Islands MOTW
285 North America | U.S. Constituent - ALABAMA (MOTW US)  
286 North America | U.S. Constituent - ALASKA (MOTW US)  
287 North America | U.S. Constituent - ARIZONA (MOTW US)  
288 North America | U.S. Constituent - ARKANSAS (MOTW US)  
289 North America | U.S. Constituent - COLORADO (MOTW US)  
290 North America | U.S. Constituent - CONNECTICUT (MOTW US)  
291 North America | U.S. Constituent - DELAWARE (MOTW US)  
292 North America | U.S. Constituent - FLORIDA (MOTW US)  
293 North America | U.S. Constituent - GEORGIA (MOTW US)  
294 North America | U.S. Constituent - HAWAII (MOTW US)  
295 North America | U.S. Constituent - IDAHO (MOTW US)  
296 North America | U.S. Constituent - ILLINOIS (MOTW US)  
297 North America | U.S. Constituent - INDIANA (MOTW US)  
298 North America | U.S. Constituent - IOWA (MOTW US)  
299 North America | U.S. Constituent - KANSAS (MOTW US)  
300 North America | U.S. Constituent - KENTUCKY (MOTW US)  
301 North America | U.S. Constituent - LOUISIANA (MOTW US)  
302 North America | U.S. Constituent - MAINE (MOTW US)  
303 North America | U.S. Constituent - MARYLAND (MOTW US)  
304 North America | U.S. Constituent - MASSACHUSETTS (MOTW US)  
305 North America | U.S. Constituent - MICHIGAN (MOTW US)  
306 North America | U.S. Constituent - MINNESOTA (MOTW US)  
307 North America | U.S. Constituent - MISSISSIPPI (MOTW US)  
308 North America | U.S. Constituent - MISSOURI (MOTW US)  
309 North America | U.S. Constituent - MONTANA (MOTW US)  
310 North America | U.S. Constituent - NEBRASKA (MOTW US)  
311 North America | U.S. Constituent - NEVADA (MOTW US)  
312 North America | U.S. Constituent - NEW HAMPSHIRE (MOTW US)  
313 North America | U.S. Constituent - NEW JERSEY (MOTW US)  
314 North America | U.S. Constituent - NEW MEXICO (MOTW US)
315 North America | U.S. Constituent - NEW YORK (MOTW US)  
316 North America | U.S. Constituent - NORTH CAROLINA (MOTW US)  
317 North America | U.S. Constituent - NORTH DAKOTA (MOTW US)  
318 North America | U.S. Constituent - OHIO (MOTW US)  
319 North America | U.S. Constituent - OKLAHOMA (MOTW US)  
320 North America | U.S. Constituent - OREGON (MOTW US)  
321 North America | U.S. Constituent - PENNSYLVANIA (MOTW US)  
322 North America | U.S. Constituent - RHODE ISLAND (MOTW US)  
323 North America | U.S. Constituent - SOUTH CAROLINA (MOTW US)  
324 North America | U.S. Constituent - SOUTH DAKOTA (MOTW US)  
325 North America | U.S. Constituent - TENNESSEE (MOTW US)  
326 North America | U.S. Constituent - TEXAS (MOTW US)  
327 North America | U.S. Constituent - UTAH (MOTW US)  
328 North America | U.S. Constituent - VERMONT (MOTW US)  
329 North America | U.S. Constituent - VIRGINIA (MOTW US)  
330 North America | U.S. Constituent - WASHINGTON (MOTW US)  
331 North America | U.S. Constituent - WASHINGTON D.C. (MOTW US)  
332 North America | U.S. Constituent - WEST VIRGINIA (MOTW US)  
333 North America | U.S. Constituent - WISCONSIN (MOTW US)  
334 North America | U.S. Constituent - WYOMING (MOTW US) 
335 North America | U.S. Constituent- CALIFORNIA (MOTW US)  
336 North America | United States of America MOTW
337 Oceania | American Samoa MOTW
338 Oceania | Australia MOTW
339 Oceania | Christmas Island MOTW
340 Oceania | Cocos (Keeling) Islands MOTW
341 Oceania | Cook Island MOTW
342 Oceania | Fiji MOTW
343 Oceania | French Polynesia MOTW
344 Oceania | Guam MOTW
345 Oceania | Kiribati MOTW
346 Oceania | Marshall Islands MOTW
347 Oceania | Micronesia MOTW
348 Oceania | Nauru MOTW
349 Oceania | New Caledonia MOTW
350 Oceania | New Zealand MOTW
351 Oceania | Niue MOTW
352 Oceania | Norfolk Island MOTW
353 Oceania | Northern Mariana Islands MOTW
354 Oceania | Palau MOTW
355 Oceania | Papua New Guinea MOTW
356 Oceania | Pitcairn Islands MOTW
357 Oceania | Samoa - MOTW
358 Oceania | Solomon Islands MOTW
359 Oceania | Tokelau MOTW
360 Oceania | Tonga MOTW
361 Oceania | Tuvalu MOTW
362 Oceania | Vanuatu MOTW
363 Oceania | Wallis and Futuna MOTW
364 South America | Argentina MOTW (country No. 32)
365 South America | Aruba MOTW
366 South America | Bolivia MOTW
367 South America | Bonaire MOTW
368 South America | Brazil MOTW
369 South America | Chile MOTW
370 South America | Colombia MOTW
371 South America | Curacao MOTW
372 South America | Easter Island MOTW
373 South America | Ecuador MOTW
374 South America | Falkland Islands MOTW
375 South America | French Guiana MOTW
376 South America | Guyana MOTW
377 South America | Paraguay MOTW
378 South America | Peru MOTW
379 South America | South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands MOTW
380 South America | Suriname - MOTW
381 South America | Uruguay MOTW
382 South America | Venezuela MOTW
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2021-04-10T14:12:38+0200 long processing time from order till shipping of the goods. long delivery time perhaps because of the corona problems these times.
2021-04-08T20:14:56+0200 Perfect transaction. Accurate shipping. Fast times. Very interesting stamps and cancellations. Excellent as usual.
2021-04-08T15:47:17+0200 Immer wieder gerne. Super schnelle Lieferung und top Ware.
2021-04-07T20:31:04+0200 Perfect service, thank you very much!
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2021-03-26T17:53:43+0100 Immer wieder gerne :)
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2021-03-05T13:09:51+0100 Everything excellent as always.
2021-03-01T23:23:10+0100 I like the site
2021-02-25T15:54:29+0100 Immer gerne :)
2021-02-22T17:21:02+0100 I love your postcards and your delivery service ie great. Would like to see more rock stars though.
2021-02-19T13:46:37+0100 I am a collector and I always order from this shop! They are so nice and the packages never gets lost and arrives so quickly! The quality is always good and I can’t wait to order more!
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2021-01-31T15:06:12+0100 Perfect as usual.
2021-01-09T22:31:06+0100 They are really good about getting your order shipped quickly.
2021-01-01T18:28:02+0100 Very good choice in (good quality) cards and a nice price. 
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2020-12-30T00:23:13+0100 Great quality cards, good delivery service and well received.
2020-12-29T17:58:59+0100 Super shop! Will buy more next year!!
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2020-12-25T17:55:42+0100 Beautiful Postcards, fast delivery - thank you very much!
2020-12-21T17:35:31+0100 Le cartoline sono belle, ben confezionate.
Purtroppo, hanno impiegato quasi una quarantina di g.g. ad arrivarmi...  :-/
The postcards are beautiful, well packaged.
Unfortunately, it took almost forty days to get here...  :-/
2020-12-15T08:29:04+0100 Packaging was quite impressive. Safe Travel . Cards are definitely as always of the best quality and best design ! There is no any dissatisfaction, nowhere in particular.
2020-12-13T20:36:43+0100 Got nice postcards in a very timely fashion
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2020-11-30T17:34:41+0100 All very good, fast arrival of the postcards, nice quality as always.
2020-11-29T17:43:47+0100 Everything is great except the delivery is slow.
2020-11-29T15:41:26+0100 Fantastic value for good quality postcards, fast delivery to UK with safe secure packaging, easy to navigate website with easy ordering process.
2020-11-29T15:21:06+0100 Excellent shop
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2020-11-29T11:57:26+0100 Great site. I often order here and fast and good service. The cards are good quality and if we have any questions we always can contact them. I really recommand this site!
2020-11-28T18:59:12+0100 I placed a lot of orders in the last few years at  My experiences were always  great. I love the cards, stamps and books I ordered. I am looking forward to my next order.
2020-11-28T08:57:37+0100 All is perfect. The cards have a great quality.
2020-11-27T22:03:14+0100 offers colorful, well made cards that are loved by collectors around the world.
Packaging is sturdy, orders arrive in great condition, and there's always a little surprise "gift" card included.
Customer service is top notch, and Minhea is quick to respond to any questions you might have.
Customer for life, give them a try, you won't be disappointed!!
2020-11-27T21:51:51+0100 One of the best postcards shops in the world. The quality of postcards is excellent. The orders are delivered on time with careful packaging.
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2020-11-23T01:57:37+0100 Thank you very much for your wonderful package
2020-11-20T10:51:04+0100 Perfect cards for Postcrossing!
2020-11-19T00:50:44+0100 They are quick and efficient.
2020-11-17T12:27:37+0100 Brilliant service, superbly packed with beautiful stamps
2020-11-11T11:01:53+0100 Perfect package en fast too
The cards are of perfect quality and it is a joy to send them around.
Postcardsmarket always put a lot of effort in the order.
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2020-10-02T23:49:27+0200 Alles Bestens!
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I can recommend this webshop!
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2020-08-31T22:08:26+0200 Superb!
2020-08-31T22:04:58+0200 Thank you very much. I am really pleased with the quality of the postcards. Last time I got an extra gift card together my order as well, thank you very much. And Mihnea, you are always so friendly and helpful!
2020-08-31T18:27:42+0200 Great Shop with wonderful postcards. Fast delivery! Recommend!
2020-08-31T18:15:02+0200 Nothing is too much trouble. Always answers any questions or problems quickly with solutions. Postcards are of high quality and dispatch is quick. All orders are sent tracked. I would definitely recommend
2020-08-31T17:34:28+0200 Postcardsmarket has super quality postcards. Packed very carefully (with great stamps). Answers very fast on questions.
2020-08-30T11:58:08+0200 Delivery was faster than I thought. I love your FOTW series. BTW, I have some suggestions for you. The Chinese words on the MOTW Hong Kong card are simplified Chinese, but Hong Kong is using traditional Chinese like Macau. It will be great if you can correct it.
2020-08-25T02:08:08+0200 Exzellente Postkarten,  super Motive.  Schneller und sicherer Versand.
2020-08-18T19:38:15+0200 Super service
2020-08-18T08:27:57+0200 i will make new order when the pandemic subside...
2020-08-17T17:05:34+0200 Excellent product  and very good service.
Slow postal service between Romania and Malta.
2020-08-17T04:08:36+0200 I love my new postcards!
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2020-08-14T23:22:02+0200 Great !
2020-08-14T22:13:25+0200 I have never had a problem ever
Excellent shop, service, contact ...
2020-08-14T09:34:01+0200 That is the reason why I put 3 stars for "Customer service". During the Covid pandemic, I bought postcards from you a couple of times even though I didn’t really need them wanting to support you. Not once were all the postcards I was interested in. Each time some card missing in offer list.
2020-08-14T06:38:13+0200 Excellent service
2020-08-14T04:59:59+0200 Beautiful designs, love these postcards.
2020-08-14T04:09:30+0200 Thanks a lot for the free gift ! keep it up !
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Lovely stamps on the package.
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2020-08-13T15:16:33+0200 I am from the United States and I just love love I am.a repeat buyer.  Every postcard that I have received is beautiful. Yes the delivery to the United States takes a little longer to arrive but it is well worth it. I Had a problem with my order with a discount code and customer service handled my problem immediately. Thank you so much for being a wonderful business. Tammy
2020-08-13T14:58:54+0200 Friendly and quick - in Finnish 'tosi hyvä' meaning marvelous indeed
2020-08-13T14:37:28+0200 I loved how they used lot's of stamps on the package :D very satisfied with my order :)
2020-08-13T14:30:12+0200 Postcards are beautiful, thank you for all team of Postcardsmarket.
2020-08-13T14:24:18+0200 Não encontrei no Brazil um serviço tão bom quanto esse, excelentes postais! Veio bem embalado e demorou o tempo necessário para um despacho internacional.
2020-08-13T14:19:05+0200 One of the best postcards shop, quality is perfect, communication-perfect, service-perfect :)
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The quality of the postcards, thickness and finish is the best I have used!
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2020-08-13T13:16:59+0200 it is too long ago that I ordered, I cannot even remember what I ordered.
2020-08-13T13:12:12+0200 Great service, and speedy delivery. A great range of products for postcard aficionados.
2020-08-13T13:03:18+0200 Excellent Shop! Recommended! ;)
2020-08-13T12:55:49+0200 Always a good experience ordered a few times already. Love their products and always very fast at my places. will definitly order more in the future.
2020-08-13T12:55:35+0200 Good product, good price. My purchases arrives safely
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