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06/30/2020      I like the new series! CCUN

06/30/2020      I think you all do a great job! Great quality cards and great service! I would recommend you to others :-)

06/30/2020      I like meeting cards, you know :) sagabi

06/30/2020      I Love your Flags Of The Worlds (FOTW) series the most of any kind of postcards in the world! I'm currently collecting them. Still a few only. The postcard quality and some info on cards was so good!

06/29/2020      Thank you!! ️️️

06/29/2020      You cool!

06/29/2020      you're great:)

06/29/2020      :-)

06/29/2020      Thank you very much for your wonderful designs and interesting series! I am Russian, live in the Russian Far East. Just one thing. In CCUN Postcard Russia the translation of "Welcome" to Russian is "Желанный". Actually, we don't say so and say "Добро пожаловать". Just little remark. Wish you and all your company great success and prosperity and new interesting ideas!

06/29/2020      please offer national costumes cards now

06/29/2020      I have nothing to say. I have received my orders always complete.

06/29/2020      Great shop. Great service. Nice people

06/29/2020      No thanks

06/27/2020      if I like complete group of cards like MOTW of US its not possible to select

06/24/2020      I love shopping here I love when you highlight new cards especially as I collect cards and forget what I already have There’s great selection and always up to date with current events Cards are great quality , vibrant colours and the pictures are just brilliant Love popping online to shop

06/23/2020      I would prefer to buy postcards in bulk. Could you offer more packs of cards or offer discount for buying 10+ cards at a time?

06/23/2020      Brilliant cards.........when I use them for Postcrossing they always get chosen as favourites!

06/21/2020      Your cards are always delivered with care. I'm a happy customer.

06/21/2020      Great postcards and great delivery, Thank you from Finland! :)

06/21/2020      I only had a problem with double exchange rate comission. I payed more than I expected

06/21/2020      insert the possibility of catalog purchases without selecting one item at a time

06/20/2020      Grate job, love the cards and prices not to high. For MOTW cards like to see more countries counties, not just USA, Germany and Netherlands.

06/20/2020      Thank you for delivering great cards and stamps (including a Romanian guide) and extra services by sending me extra Romanian stamps for my collection !


06/20/2020      I love your cards and love how you keep on adding New series.

06/19/2020      the minimum buy rate free shipping is too high

06/19/2020      The thickness of the card and the printing quality are excellent.

06/18/2020      Thanks you so much your site i love it i will love even more variety of cards...!

06/18/2020      i can't find where to start a new account

06/12/2020      That's great!

06/11/2020      Thank you for these good cards! I will be very happy if you will announce from time to time (as it's covid19 time). which country can order your card to "ship normally" etc. Acatully I am from Japan, and I don't know if you can ship us in Japan safely from your place now or not. So can't decide to order or not.

06/08/2020      Lithuanian postcrossers would be happy about postcards for representations our country.

06/06/2020      Thank you for such a nice shop! Great job!

06/06/2020      I just discovered your site and I think it's beautifull - I will definitely place an order with you soon! :-)

06/04/2020      Keep the good work

06/03/2020      great site nice cards

06/03/2020      Perhaps the site could give an indication of how long it takes for the cards to arrive. Some parcels from abroad take days, some take weeks.

06/03/2020      It is suggested that distributors should be set up in each country to make it convenient for people in each country to buy, and pricing should be separately based on the currency situation of each country

06/03/2020      try to add alipay

06/03/2020      Many thanks for good quality cards and nice ideas!

06/02/2020      Keep up the good work, don't give up

06/01/2020      You're doing a great job

06/01/2020      You are doing amazing, I love to buy from your shop and the quality of the postcards is amazing.

06/01/2020      I was very happy with my order (fotw), good quality and price. I recommended the site to all my friends, keep the good job!!

06/01/2020      I like the quality of the cards you sell and the price is also good! Not sure if the free shipping if you order for € 25,- is temporary, but that for sure helps for ordering more often!

06/01/2020      The shipment price should be low.

06/01/2020      The payment option should be more option to Chinese people.

06/01/2020      Consider cards of national dogs horses animals and ships etc as many collect them

06/01/2020      No

06/01/2020      As a postcrosser i would like to prefer good quality printing and card .no matter price if genuine.

06/01/2020      i love your store .. great customer service .. envelopes always comes with awesome stamps .. thank you

06/01/2020      Very satisfied with the order process, the prices, and the quality.

06/01/2020      Keep up the great work!

05/31/2020      Thank you for great idea to publish postcards :)

05/31/2020      Just to say thank you for the amazing FOTW postcards just amazing. Could you also made postcards with National or typical dresses or the world? It would be fantastic!

05/31/2020      Great cards - keep producing more maps please!

05/31/2020      I have been postcrossing for 10 years and I can definitely say that your postcard quality is the best.

05/31/2020      Thanks so much Mihnea for your postcards ... i Love the fotw serie.

05/31/2020      I love your cards. Pls keep going

05/31/2020      There are too many jumping boxes now at the webshop which are impossible to hide. If I do not need help, why does the help chat box keeps disturbing :)


05/31/2020      Good service and good quanity

05/31/2020      I am very happy with the items I bought at I love the extra service (beautiful stamps on top of the package).

05/31/2020      I love your cards and I love your team ;)

05/31/2020      Very good shop thanks for all

05/31/2020      Amazing cards and concept. Good job. If talking specifically from India standpoint, sometimes shipping becomes expensive the cards I want to order. Then I just back off from my order.

05/31/2020      Can you introduce the option of payment by bank transfer?

05/31/2020      Keep up this good work

05/31/2020      Some of your pictures are just awesome!

05/31/2020      Yes! You have really wonderful postcards!

05/31/2020      Keep up the good work. Webshop is up tot date, service is perfect

05/31/2020      Have a great day)

05/31/2020      Great quality

05/31/2020      I received what i ordered as i expected.

05/31/2020      Thank you for great service and great stamps and postcards!

05/31/2020      Brilliant products, brilliant price, brilliant service

05/31/2020      the quality of your cards is great! Games and lotteries are fun, thanks for them. it is nice that you contact your customer and people so warmly. Discount codes are good - hope to see them in the future again. Please, do not increase the price of the cards. Our postage has risen again, it is ridiculous. Sometimes I wonder if I have to stop this hobby

05/31/2020      Never placed order as I feel shipping is super expensive but received 20+ FOTW from postcrossers!! Great quality of cards

05/31/2020      Quick dispatch and quick response to emails thank You

05/31/2020      Continue doing great job

05/31/2020      Your website is great ! And you have beautiful postcards ! But if we have more choices it will be perfect ;)


Luca from Bologna wrote on 15 February, 2019 at 6:59 PM:
Hello! Fantastic postcards !
Jessica from Sweden wrote on 15 February, 2019 at 6:35 PM:
I LOVED my postcards, great quality and images, I will definitely buy again from you guys. It took some days but totally worth the wait. Add more pinups! 
Thank you.
 Hermi from Kruiningen The Netherlands wrote on 14 February, 2019 at 1:05 PM:
I’m very satisfied. 
Previous order missed a card, so 3 cards got free.
Garry from Toronto wrote on 10 February, 2019 at 11:32 PM:
Thank you for the quick service. Delivered in a few days. Love the postcards and will order more soon. Thanks for including extra one - Romania. Hope to visit your beautiful country in the near future
Rita Afonso from Cacém wrote on 8 February, 2019 at 4:49 PM:
Thank you for the nice service. Delivery in 5 days, very fast. Postcards with good quality. Always come back for more postcards thank you so much.
 Marie M from Canada wrote on 18 December, 2018 at 10:03 PM:
always come back here for more cards. Great service. Lovely cards. Always receive extra cards. Thank You!
 Tiffany from UK wrote on 11 December, 2018 at 4:47 PM:
Received my first order! Thanks so much Postcard Market and Mihnea. Mihnea was very responsive to my emails and helpful!
lai from Sao Tome wrote on 4 December, 2018 at 7:07 PM:
thank you for the nice cards
Helen from Moscow wrote on 29 November, 2018 at 4:24 PM:
Hello! I reseved my first order, thank you so much! Delivery is very fast within 5 days. It is very pleased. Postcards are very beautiful. I like them very much.
Great website and awesome service!
 Jaya from Switzerland wrote on 23 November, 2018 at 7:24 PM:
Excellent quality and very well packed cards. There was a slight delay in the delivery of the cards but the customer service and communication is good and helpful. Overall I’m very happy with this site and can recommend it. Will buy again!
 Kerstin from Zurich wrote on 15 November, 2018 at 9:54 PM:
The quality of the postcards are outstanding. Best cards on the market for me. I love to write on them. 
Superfast shipping and always safely packed. Very recommended! Thank you!
Mary N. from Trebon wrote on 14 November, 2018 at 7:11 PM:
wonderful cards <3
Karin Hopstaken-Potter from Uithoorn wrote on 31 October, 2018 at 7:56 PM:
Great website and awesome service and communication!
Received my cards within a week, very fast. Lovely package with extra cards as a gift.
The cards are bright and firm, I love them! 
Positive recommendations for this web-shop 
Thank you so much Mihnea!
inguna03 from Latvia wrote on 17 October, 2018 at 11:21 AM:
Wonderful postcards. Excellent communication. 
Thank you, Mihnea!
Inguna from Latvia wrote on 17 October, 2018 at 11:17 AM:
Wonderful postcards. Excellent communication. 
Thank you, Mihnea!
Jie from Changzhou wrote on 13 October, 2018 at 1:26 PM:
Great postcards! I have fallen in love with FOTW postcards! I can’t stop adding postcards to the shopping cart!
Marija Makovska from Vilnius wrote on 30 September, 2018 at 4:53 PM:
ENG: High quality postcards. The front side is very pleasing to touch and the back of the card is so pretty! <3 Very well packed for shipping. I'm in love in this postcards. <3
I recommend this store to all!
LT: Aukštos kokybės atvirukai. Priekinė pusė yra labai maloni liesti, o aviruko galinė pusė yra tokia graži! <3 Labai gerai supakuotas siuntimui. Į Lietuvą atkeliavo per savaitę. Aš įsimylėjau šiuos atvirukus. <3
Rekomenduoju šią parduotuvę visiems!
RU: Открытки высокого качества. Передняя сторона очень приятна для прикосновения, а задняя часть такая красивая! <3 Очень хорошо упакован для доставки. Я влюбленa в эти открытки. <3
Я рекомендую этот магазин всем!
PL: Wysokiej jakości pocztówki. Przednia strona jest bardzo przyjemna w dotyku, a tył karty jest taki ładny! <3 Bardzo dobrze zapakowany do wysyłki. Jestem zakochana w tych pocztówkach. <3
Polecam ten sklep wszystkim!
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Jie from Changzhou wrote on 20 September, 2018 at 1:37 PM:
I really fall in love with postcardsmarket postcard! The quality is excellent.
Great postcards in great condition! The way of pack is great in protecting the postcards!
Hana Merglová from Staňkov wrote on 12 September, 2018 at 11:52 AM:
Unbelievable  ! I´ve got an email saying that my order has been sent yesterday, and I still can ´t believe my eyes, but my order has arrived today :-O  Thank you very, very much, Mihnea 
Victor Matos from TORRES NOVAS wrote on 12 September, 2018 at 12:22 AM:
Once again I thank you for your availability to be as fast as possible in order delivery. As for the quality of postcards ... Excellent !!! Portes are expensive but ... alright. Keep up your work so I'll order more postcards. Thank you