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* Stamps | Gibraltar 2016 Alameda Gardens 200th Anniversary - Gibraltar stamps - top quality approved by specialists SALE
* Stamps | Gibraltar 2016 Alameda Gardens 200th Anniversary - Gibraltar stamps - top quality approved by specialists SALE

* Stamps | Gibraltar 2016 Alameda Gardens 200th Anniversary - Gibraltar stamps

5.01 € 5.65 €
📮🌺🎉 Introducing the Gibraltar 2016 Alameda Gardens 200th Anniversary stamp and postcard set from Postcards Market! 🎉🌺📮

This beautiful product is perfect for anyone who loves to collect stamps or postcards, or simply wants to send a special message to a loved one. The target audience for this product is people who are passionate about travel, human connection and history.

The mood of this product is celebratory and joyful, as it commemorates the bicentennial anniversary of the stunning Alameda Gardens in Gibraltar. The theme of nature also runs throughout these stamps and postcards, with vibrant images of flowers, trees and wildlife adorning each piece.

Our communication approach at Postcards Market is all about bringing sunshine into every mailbox - we want our customers to feel happy when they receive their order from us! We believe that sending a surprise postcard can make someone's day brighter no matter where they are in the world.

Imagine receiving one of these beautiful cards in your mailbox - you open it up eagerly to find an image that transports you straight into nature. You can almost smell the fresh air as you read your friend's heartfelt message on the back. This human-to-human experience reminds us how important it is stay connected with those we care about even if we're far apart physically.

If you're an avid traveler yourself or have friends around globe whom love traveling too , imagine exchanging these gorgeous cards with them after visiting different countries . Each card tells its own story through its unique design while connecting two people across borders .

When using this product be sure take time choosing which person would appreciate such beauty most , write down some thoughtful words on back side before posting off . Best practices include taking care not damage any part during handling process so recipient receives pristine condition item upon arrival .

The cultural significance behind Alameda gardens dates back centuries ago when British forces took control of Gibraltar in 1704. The gardens were established as a place for soldiers to relax and enjoy nature, and have since become a beloved landmark for locals and visitors alike.

In conclusion, the Gibraltar 2016 Alameda Gardens stamp and postcard set is perfect for anyone who loves travel, nature or history. It's an excellent way to connect with loved ones across the globe while celebrating the beauty of our planet. So why not brighten someone's day today by sending them one of these stunning cards? 🌍💌
You receive 1 (one) set with 6 stamp values - for a special low price smaller than face value price! (using currency converter from GBP to Euro)
Technical details:
  • 25.07.2016
  • Stephen Perera
  • Jonathan Pointer
  • Lowe Martin Group
  • Offset Lithography
  • 4
  • 48 x 30mm
  • 64p, 70p, 80p, £1, £2
The Alameda Gardens were established on the 14th April 1816. They were the brainchild of Lieutenant-Governor General Sir George Don, who planned the Alameda as part of more extensive reforms to improve living conditions on the Rock. Monuments and artefacts around the gardens remind us of their age and the Rock’s military and social history. By the end of the 19th Century, the Alameda had developed into a beautiful and well-known garden. This continued during the first half of the 20th Century, after which the gardens fell into a state of neglected. The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens were established in 1991 and the Alameda has been beautifully restored. It now holds thousands of plants from around the world.