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Asia | R010 Abkhazia MOTW - states with limited recognition - top quality approved by specialists
Asia | R010 Abkhazia MOTW - states with limited recognition - top quality approved by specialists

Asia | R010 Abkhazia MOTW - states with limited recognition

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🌍 📬 Asia | R010 Abkhazia MOTW - states with limited recognition| Postcards Market is a unique and fascinating product that will take you on an exciting journey to one of the world's most interesting regions. As a postcard exchange specialist, I can tell you that this particular card has captured my heart due to its historical significance.

The target audience for this product would be anyone who loves travel, history or collecting postcards from around the world. This specific card features Abkhazia which is located in Georgia but it’s not recognized as an independent state by many countries worldwide.

Abkhazia was once part of Soviet Union until 1991 when they declared independence after USSR collapsed; however only few nations recognize them as such today (Russia being their main supporter). The region still faces political instability and conflict between different groups within itself making it even more intriguing!

This beautiful postcard showcases some stunning views of Abkhazian landscapes along with national symbols like flag & coat-of-arms giving us insight into local culture too! It could make for great conversation starter among friends or family members interested in learning about lesser-known parts of our planet Earth.

As someone passionate about human interaction via travel, exchanging these cards allows me to connect with people all over the globe while sharing stories and experiences through handwritten notes on each other's mailboxes.

If we were traveling together somewhere exotic like Southeast Asia where there are plenty opportunities for finding rare gems at markets stalls then imagine stumbling upon something so special – just waiting patiently amongst piles old books stacked high against walls lined up neatly next door vendors selling fresh fruits vegetables spices herbs flowers souvenirs handicrafts textiles jewelry pottery ceramics paintings sculptures carvings masks puppets toys games musical instruments… And suddenly your eyes catch glimpse colorful stack sitting atop table nearby: "Asia | R010 Abkhaszia" written boldly across topmost piece cardboard packaging.

You pick it up, feeling its weight in your hands and admiring the intricate design on front. You turn it over to read more about this fascinating place that you've never heard of before - Abkhazia! The postcard is beautifully illustrated with a map showing where exactly this region lies within Georgia along with some stunning photographs showcasing local landscapes & culture too!

As an experienced collector myself, I would recommend keeping these cards safe by storing them in protective sleeves or albums so they don't get damaged during transit. It's also important to remember that when exchanging postcards internationally there may be different postage rates depending on destination country which should always be taken into account beforehand.

In conclusion, Asia | R010 Abkhazia MOTW - states with limited recognition| Postcards Market is not just another piece of paper but rather a window into one of the world’s most interesting regions filled history and cultural significance waiting for us all explore together through handwritten notes exchanged between friends across borders far away from home 🌍📬✈️

Second Version - without borders, modern looking

15x10.5 cm

Glossy chromo Hi-Quality paper - Abkhazia map and info about. 

 It is one state with limited recognition.

Abkhazia is a region in the Caucasus, located on the northeastern coast of the Black Sea. It is recognized as an independent state by a few countries, but is considered by most to be an autonomous region within the country of Georgia. Abkhazia's neighbors include Russia to the north, the Black Sea to the west, and Georgia to the south and east.

The flag of Abkhazia is divided into three horizontal bands of equal width. The top and bottom bands are green, and the middle band is white. The green color is said to symbolize Abkhazia's lush and verdant landscape, while the white color represents the region's snow-capped mountains. The flag was adopted in 1992, after Abkhazia declared independence from Georgia.