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* Stamps | Romania Stamps 2006 Gymnastics - top quality Stamps approved by specialists

* Stamps | Romania Stamps 2006 Gymnastics -

1.15 € 

Introducing the Romania Stamps 2006 Gymnastics postcard and stamp set, available exclusively at! 🎉

This product is perfect for anyone who loves to collect stamps or postcards, especially those with an interest in gymnastics or Romanian culture. The vibrant design features a stunning image of a gymnast mid-routine on the front of the postcard, while the back showcases four beautiful stamps from Romania's 2006 collection.

The mood of this product is all about excitement and adventure - it's perfect for those who love to travel and explore new places. Whether you're sending these cards to friends across town or across the world, they're sure to bring joy and happiness into their day.

When using this product, imagine yourself as a world traveler exchanging stories with other like-minded individuals through your shared passion for collecting unique stamps and postcards. You might even find yourself making new friends along the way!

One great tip when using this set is to take advantage of our customization options - add your own personal message on each card before sending them out! This will make each one feel extra special.

In terms of cultural significance, Romanian gymnasts have long been celebrated around the world for their incredible talent and skill. By sharing these cards with others in your network you can help spread awareness about Romania's rich history in sports culture.

Overall we believe that our products are more than just pieces of paper; they represent human connection & interaction via travel which makes them truly special 💛 So why not start building up your collection today?

The issue Gymnastics 2006 is overprint of the perforated souvenir sheet of the issue Philatelic International Exhibition “Olymphilex ‘96” Atlanta: Centenary of the Olympic Postage Stamps.

Coming as a recognition gesture for the merits of the Romanian gymnastics, the gold foil overprint on the perforated souvenir sheet stamp reproduces suggestive images of two traditional contest events, i.e. vault and parallel bars, to which is added the face value of RON 5.60 and on the perforated souvenir sheet margin the title of the issue and the year.

Technical details
  • Issue Date: 16.09.2006
  • Designer: Decebal Cojoc
  • Process: Overprint (1-color process on foil) gold
  • Colours: Gold foiling
  • Size: Stamp size: 54 x 42 mm, Minisheet size: 91 x 79 mm
  • Values: 5.60L

 You'll receive one Souvenir Sheet with 1 stamp!

We are not official re-sellers of Romanian Stamps. We offer this item only to please our customers, in limited stock availability.