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Drawings: 5 x Titina and Friends - Greece (bundle of 5 cards) - top quality approved by specialists SALE
Drawings: 5 x Titina and Friends - Greece (bundle of 5 cards) - top quality approved by specialists SALE

Drawings: 5 x Titina and Friends - Greece (bundle of 5 cards)

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Introducing the bundle of 5 Titina and Friends postcards featuring beautiful drawings of Greece! This product is perfect for anyone who loves to travel, collect postcards, or simply wants to brighten up someone's day with a surprise in their mailbox.

The target audience for this product is people who appreciate art and culture, as well as those who enjoy sending and receiving mail. The mood of these postcards is warm, inviting, and full of Greek charm. The theme celebrates the beauty of Greece through whimsical illustrations that capture its unique architecture, landscapes and traditions.

When you receive your bundle from , imagine opening it up to reveal five stunning cards depicting different scenes from Greece - perhaps a picturesque village on an island or an ancient temple overlooking the sea. You can almost feel yourself transported there by looking at these charming illustrations!

Now comes the fun part: deciding which lucky friends or family members will receive one (or more) of these delightful cards! You might choose someone you know has always wanted to visit Greece but hasn't had the chance yet; Or maybe send one card each week over five weeks just because...

As a seasoned postcard exchange hobbyist myself I can tell you that this collection stands out due its high quality paper stock used in printing process making them durable enough even after long travels around world postal services.

To make sure your recipients get maximum enjoyment out their new treasures we recommend writing personalized messages on each card before mailing them off - sharing some details about what inspired you about particular drawing scene depicted on front side could be great conversation starter when they arrive at destination.

Greece has been known throughout history for its rich cultural heritage so if any recipient happens have interest in mythology or history then adding some trivia facts related with place depicted would add extra value into experience too!

In conclusion 🏛️✍️📮🌍, the Titina and Friends - Greece bundle of 5 postcards is a must-have for anyone who loves to travel, collect art or simply wants to spread some joy through snail mail. With its beautiful illustrations and high-quality printing process, these cards are sure to bring sunshine into every mailbox they reach!

Titina and Friends learning about Greece. A colorful map in the author's view, with some cats designed near and also some famous words and icons from Greece.

You will receive 5 identical postcard to share them with your friends, maybe to send them via postcrossing or private swaps.

Illustration: Swonild Ilenia Genovese, 2021

Glossy, 15x10.5 cm