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Asia | Jordan MOTW - top quality approved by specialists
Asia | Jordan MOTW - top quality approved by specialists

Asia | Jordan MOTW

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SKU: SRA-0119
🌍📬 The Asia | Jordan MOTW| Postcards Market is a must-have for any postcard collector or travel enthusiast! This beautiful postcard captures the essence of Jordan, with its vibrant colors and stunning scenery. Imagine receiving this in your mailbox - it would be like taking a mini-vacation without leaving your home!

The target audience for this product are people who love to travel and explore new cultures. It's perfect for those who want to share their experiences with others through the art of postcard exchange. The cultural significance related to Jordan is immense, as it has been inhabited by humans since prehistoric times and was once part of ancient empires such as the Nabateans.

This particular postcard falls under the category of "country" themed cards, showcasing some of Jordan's most iconic landmarks such as Petra (one of the Seven Wonders Of The World), Jerash (a well-preserved Roman city) and Wadi Rum (known for its red sand dunes). These locations are sure to inspire wanderlust in anyone who receives them.

As a hobbyist myself, I can attest that there is something special about exchanging handwritten notes via snail mail. It allows us to connect on a more personal level than we do through social media or text messages. Plus, collecting unique cards from around the world adds an element excitement that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Let me paint you an imaginary scenario: You're planning your next trip abroad when suddenly you come across's website while searching online for inspiration on what souvenirs could make great gifts from abroad.
You browse their collection until you stumble upon Asia |Jordan MOTW| Postcards Market card featuring breathtaking views from different parts throughout Amman City which catches your eye immediately due tis vivid colors mixted with arabic calligraphy captions written both in English & Arabic languages.
You purchase several copies knowing they will make great gifts for your friends and family back home. When you arrive in Jordan, you make sure to take plenty of photos to send as postcards along with the ones you purchased from

Best practices for using this product include taking care when writing on the card (use a pen that won't smudge) and ensuring that it is properly addressed before sending it off. It's also important to remember that postcard exchange is a two-way street - if someone takes the time to send you one, be sure to reciprocate!

15x10.5 cm

Glossy chromo Hi-Quality paper - Jordan map and info about.