Stamps Moldova - 160 Years "Cap de Bour" release

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You receive 1 (one) Souvenir Sheet with 8 identical stamps "160 Years "Cap de Bour" release -The «Bull Head» (Cap de Bour) Stamps of 1858 - Collage of the Development of Moldovan Culture and History
  • Technical details
    • Printer: Nova Imprim, Chisinau
    • Multicoloured
    •  x 27.5 mm
    •  9.50 Lei

On July 22, 1858, the first letters circulated, stamped with the famous "Cap de bour" ("Auroch's head"), considered as the first stamps of Moldavian (or Moldovan) and Romanian history.

These postage stamps (4 stamps) were officially issued on July 1, 1858 while this region was still called the Principality of Moldavia, a historical area that covered present-day Moldova, eastern Romania and part of Ukraine.

160 years after the circulation of these first letters, the Post of Moldova has put into circulation, on July 22, 2018, a special stamp (L 9.50, design: Vitaliu Pogolşa, print run: 50,000) to mark the Moldovan Postage Stamp Day ("Ziua mărcii poștale moldovenești").

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