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North America | GUADELOUPE (unnofficial, local)- FW - top quality approved by specialists
North America | GUADELOUPE (unnofficial, local)- FW - top quality approved by specialists

North America | GUADELOUPE (unnofficial, local)- FW

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"Discover the Beauty of Guadeloupe through North America | GUADELOUPE (unofficial, local) - FW | Postcards Market"

1. Target Audience: Travel enthusiasts and postcard collectors who appreciate unique and authentic souvenirs.

2. Human-to-Human Experience: Imagine receiving a beautiful postcard from someone you love or admire while they are exploring the stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture of Guadeloupe. You can feel their excitement as they share their experiences with you in writing on this special piece of paper that captures a moment in time.

3. Imaginary Scenario: As you plan your next trip to Guadeloupe, browse our collection of exclusive unofficial local postcards featuring breathtaking landscapes, colorful architecture, traditional costumes, and customs - all captured by talented photographers passionate about sharing the beauty of this Caribbean gem with others around the world.

4. Best Practices/Tips for Using: When sending or collecting postcards from different destinations like Guadeloupe, always make sure to include personal messages that reflect your experience there; it makes them more meaningful than just being another pretty picture!

5. Imaginary Travel Experience: Explore beyond touristy spots when visiting places like Basse-Terre Island's National Park where visitors can hike trails leading up to the active volcano La Soufriere, which is surrounded by tropical forests filled with wildlife such as monkeys and parrots!

6. Cultural/Historical Significance: The island has been inhabited since pre-Columbian times but was first colonized by French settlers during the 17th century, making it an interesting blend between European influence mixed together with African heritage, creating its own distinct identity over centuries.

7. Postcard Exchange Hobby Differentiation/Community Building/Social Connections/Cultural Education Importance: Postcard exchange hobby fosters community building among people interested in travel, history, art, photography, etc., allowing individuals across borders to connect via shared interests, fostering social connections even if only briefly. It also provides an opportunity for cultural education as postcards often feature local customs, landmarks, or historical events that can be shared with others.

In conclusion, North America | GUADELOUPE (unofficial, local) - FW | Postcards Market offers a unique and authentic way to discover the beauty of Guadeloupe through stunning visuals captured by passionate photographers who want to share their love for this Caribbean gem with people around the world. Whether you are sending them to loved ones or collecting them yourself - these postcards will bring sunshine into your mailbox and create lasting memories.

Locally used, unofficial flag of Guadeloupe.

A locally used unofficial flag, based on the coat of arms of Guadeloupe's capital Basse-Terre has a black or red field with a 30-rayed yellow sun and a green sugar cane, and a blue stripe with three yellow fleurs-de-lis on the top.

The French tricolor is the official national flag used in Guadeloupe.


15x10.5 cm