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* Stamps | Moldova 2012 - Roses - top quality approved by specialists SALE
* Stamps | Moldova 2012 - Roses - top quality approved by specialists SALE

* Stamps | Moldova 2012 - Roses

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🌹💌 Stamps | Moldova 2012 - Roses| Postcards Market 💌🌹

This beautiful product is perfect for anyone who loves to send and receive postcards! The stamps feature stunning roses from Moldova, making them a great addition to any collection.

The target audience for this product is anyone who enjoys sending and receiving postcards, especially those with an interest in stamp collecting or floral designs. It's also a great gift idea for someone special in your life.

The mood of this product is warm and inviting, evoking feelings of joy and connection through the act of sending mail. The theme revolves around travel, exploration, human connection via snail mail communication.

When using these stamps on your postcard creations you can imagine yourself as an explorer traveling the world without leaving home! You can share stories about your travels or simply send greetings from wherever you are at that moment.

Imagine receiving one of these beautiful stamped cards in the mail – it would be like getting a little piece of art delivered right to your doorstep!

As someone passionate about postcard exchange hobby I recommend always including personal touches such as stickers or drawings on each card sent out. This makes each card unique while also showing off some personality!

One tip when using these stamps: make sure they are properly affixed before mailing so they don't fall off during transit! And if possible try exchanging with people from different countries so that you get exposed to new cultures through their messages written behind their cards.

In terms cultural significance related to roses - They have been used throughout history as symbols representing love & beauty across many cultures worldwide; In fact there was even once known "War Of Roses" between two royal houses fighting over power which lasted more than 30 years (1455-1487).

Overall this stamp set adds something special not only because it features gorgeous flowers but because it allows us all connect with others around the world in a unique and meaningful way.
You'll recieve a souvenir sheet of 6 stamps as shown in photo:

Moldova 2012 Rosess Souvenir Sheet

Technical details
  • Multicoloured