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World Fashion Historical Collection - Norway (bundle x 5 pieces) - top quality approved by Postcards Market specialists

World Fashion Historical Collection - Norway

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The World Fashion Historical Collection - Norway is a must-have for any postcard enthusiast who loves to travel and explore different cultures. This collection features five stunning postcards that showcase the rich history and fashion of Norway.

The target audience for this product is anyone who appreciates art, culture, and fashion. It's perfect for people who love to collect postcards from around the world or those looking to start their own collection. The mood of this product is vibrant, colorful, and full of life! Each card tells its own story through intricate designs that capture the essence of Norwegian culture.

When it comes to communication approach, we believe in human-to-human interaction as our motto suggests "bringing sunshine in every mailbox". We want our customers not only to receive beautiful cards but also feel connected with other people around the world by exchanging them.

Imagine receiving one of these beautiful cards in your mailbox – you open it up excitedly only to find a stunning image depicting traditional Norwegian clothing worn by locals during festivals or celebrations! You can almost hear music playing as you gaze at each detail on these gorgeous cards!

If you're an avid traveler like me then imagine sending one back home while exploring Norway yourself! You could write about your experiences visiting local markets where vendors sell handmade woolen sweaters adorned with intricate patterns inspired by nature itself; Or maybe share how much fun it was attending a traditional wedding ceremony dressed up in authentic Viking attire!

One thing I love about collecting postcards is how they allow us all over the world connect through shared interests such as travel or cultural appreciation. With's World Fashion Historical Collection - Norway, we can learn more about another country's traditions while sharing ours too!

Best practices when using this product include taking time out each day just sit down somewhere quiet without distractions so that writing becomes easier; Also try including personal stories related either directly or indirectly to the postcard's theme. This will make your message more engaging and memorable.

The World Fashion Historical Collection - Norway is not just a beautiful set of postcards, but it also has cultural and historical significance. Each card showcases traditional clothing worn by Norwegians during different periods in history, giving us insight into their way of life.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a unique collection that captures the essence of Norwegian culture through fashion then look no further than's World Fashion Historical Collection - Norway. With its vibrant colors and intricate designs, this product is sure to bring joy to anyone who receives it!

[Story] Every country have traditional clothes, even depending by regions. We try to collect the most important characteristics and put them in a special made hand colorized design. The paintings are made by a Romanian Designer, and he is also a church walls painter. 

Here is about a Norway Couple - wearing local costumes in our artist vision.

[Informative Content] 

* Hand painting with colors and watercolors on paper

* The Flag of the Country

* Country map

* Modern Simple look

* Name of the country

On the backside it is marked the space for the address and even the space for the date of sending or a space with 10 squares for posctrossing ID (from postcrossers to posctrossers)


Hard Paper – 315 grams/ square meter è 5.5 grams per card – thicker than average – special chosen for hard transport conditions through postal services.

Matted plastic protected on the front of the postcard, also with a gorgeous selective lacquer for specific parts on the design of the card.

Size 10.5 cm by 15 cm = 4 x 6 inches = the standard for the postcard for most of the countries in the world – is the standard for postcard made by UPU (Universal Postal Union) – and implemented by USPS, La Poste, Royal Mail, PTT, Correos, Post NL. Deutsche Post and many other postal administrations.

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