January 1st in the World

January 1st in the World

You will find information about countries day by day. When every country celebrates, information collected for all collectors.



Constitution Day - Italy - January 1.

Independence Day - Brunei - January 1.


Independence Day - Cameroon - January 1.


Independence Day - Czech Republic - January 1.


Independence Day - Haiti - January 1.


Independence Day - Republic of Samoa - January 1. (Official historic date of independence)


On January 1 1962, Western Samoa achieved its independence from New Zealand. Nevertheless, this day is observed on June 1 and is still acknowledged by the Samoan society in New Zealand. These people deck themselves up for the event and take part in various cultural and musical programs.

Independence Day - Sudan - January 1.

Liberation Day - Cuba - January 1.


Republic Day - Taiwan - January 1.


Source: https://sites.google.com/site/worldfactsinc/public-and-national-holidays-around-the-world

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