January 7th

January 7th

You will find information about countries day by day. When every country celebrates, information collected for all collectors.


Victory Day - Cambodia - January 7.

Christmas Remembrance Day - Armenia

Orthodox Christmas Day - Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Canada, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Georgia, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Kosovo

Coptic Christmas Day - Egypt

Constitution Day - Ghana

Pioneers Day - Liberia

Coptic Christmas - Sudan

Nanakusa no sekku (Japan) 

The Festival of Seven Herbs or Nanakusa no sekku is the long-standing Japanese custom of eating seven-herb rice porridge (nanakusa-gayu) on January 7 (Jinjitsu).

Tricolour day or Festa del Tricolore (Italy) 





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